NA-S086, 8Kg Front Loading Washing Machine


Ultimate Washing Experience

Washer capacity 8.0Kg
Dryer Capacity 6.0 Kg
1400 RPM
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Now you can wash delicate clothes such as ABAYAS, which previously required hand washing or dry cleaning.

Extra Protection

The Gentle Hand Wash course*¹ cleans delicate items such as Abaya which traditionally are washed by hand or sent out for dry cleaning to avoid damage.
* 1 Loads of up to 1.5kg
* Use liquid detergents for delicate clothes
* Do not use bleaches.
* Images are for illustrative purposes only.
Extra Protection

Lifts Stains Away Fast with Fine Foam

Fast washing in just 49 min with fine, high-density foam. Panasonic’s ActiveFoam System delivers optimum washing performance even in a shorter time. It gives you more time for the important things in life.
* At half load. Active Speed course. The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type and water pressure. However, there is no change in washing performance.
Lifts Stains Away Fast with Fine Foam

Advanced Washing with INVERTER

The INVERTER changes tub rotation smoothly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.
Advanced Washing with INVERTER


“CUBE Drum” effectively helps in “massaging and Soaking” of clothes with 2196 holes, each with diameter of 2.4mm.

They are designed to create perfect environment for gentle and effective washing of clothes by generating more foam into the drum and overcome stains even at the edges of the clothes

S-Shape Flexural Lifting Rib

S-shape Rib is designed to shatters stubborn stains. It doesn’t beat the clothes, It treats the clothes gently. The S-Shape Lifting Rib have 138 sprinkling holes, which produces strong and gentle penetration flow of Water and foam with constant change of the intelligently-controlled washing speed.
S-Shape Flexural Lifting Rib


One key, to optimize washing program by reducing time and energy. It even increases the efforts in washing process, by penetrating more foam

Drum Hygiene Course

Specialized program which ensures to wash away any detergent residue and keeps the drum clean and odorless
Drum Hygiene Course

More laundry to Do?
Simply Pause and Add!

Provides you with the flexibility to load and unload clothes during the wash cycle without any loss of detergent or water and you can continue the cycle from where it was stopped.
*Only if the temperature inside the machine is less than 50C in the wash course
More laundry to Do?  Simply Pause and Add!


Size and Weight


*Net Dimensions


Washer 8.0 kg / Dryer 6.0 kg

1400 RPM


  • Washer dryer

Model Series

  • NA-S086M3

Rated Power Supply(V)

  • 220-240V

Rated Frequency(Hz)

  • 50/60Hz

Rated Wash Capacity(KG)

  • 8

Rated Spin Capacity(KG)

  • 8

Rated Dry Capacity(KG)

  • 6

Rated Power(W)

  • 2000

Rated Current(A)

  • 10

Max. Spin Speed (RPM)

  • 1400

The standby power (W)

  • 1.5

Spin speed (RPM)

  • 0-600-800-1000-1200-1400

Temperature (℃)

  • cold-20-30-40-60-90

Dry system(Water cooled & hot pump)

  • Water cooled

The drying power (W)

  • 1300


  • Inverter

Motor Power Wash (W)

  • 70

Motor Power Spin (W)

  • 420

Standard Water Pressure(Mpa)

  • 0.05-1MPa

Display Type

  • LED

Display Color

  • white

Drum Material

  • stainless steel

Drum Type

  • Hexa cube drum

Door Lock

  • Electronic Door Lock

Accessories supplied

  • Water inlet pipe, User manual, Drain hose support

Plug type

  • BS plug

Plug Rating

  • 13A


  • Combo

  • BLDC

  • Baffle

    • S wing


  • Cotton

  • Cotton ECO

  • Colors

  • Synthetic

  • Baby Care

  • Sport Wear

  • Mix

  • Active Speed

  • Gentle Hand wash

  • Quick

  • Rinse&Spin

  • Spin Only

  • My cycle

  • 1 hour W/D

  • Dry only

  • Jeans


  • Power button

  • Start/Pause

  • Temperature

  • Speed

  • Preset/Delay

  • Dry

  • Option choose

  • Function

  • My cycle

  • Select

  • Temperature Selection

  • Spin Speed Selection

  • Rinse extra

  • Mute-washing

  • Child Lock

  • Auto restart

  • Memory

  • Remaining time display

  • Reload (Press 3 seconds) -Pause And Add

Energy Efficiency

  • Airborne washing acoustical noise emissions

    • 64 (db)
  • Airborne spinning acoustical noise emissions

    • 78 (db)


  • The diametre of basket (mm)

    • 510
  • The diametre of door (mm)

    • 330
    • 480
  • The volume of basket (mm)

    • 52.7
  • The depth of Cabinet (mm)

    • 420
  • Net dimensions (W*D*H mm)

    • 595*470*850
  • Gross dimensions (W*D*H mm)

    • 650*555*885
  • Net weight(kg)

    • 64
  • Gross weight(kg)

    • 67

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