Premium Series Vacuum Cleaner MC-CJ919


Powerful Effortless Cleaning

Panasonic's CJ910-series of tough, high-powered vacuum cleaners offer not only performance, but also a brilliant design and ease of use that makes your daily chores simple and fun.




Durable Motor

From 1900 watts to 2500 watts, Panasonic's high quality, durable motors allow a wide range of power for high standard cleaning.

Telescopic Wand

The long, metal, telescopic wand can be adjusted easily to a comfortable length to meet all your cleaning needs and store compactly.

Quiet Operation

With the high quality structure design of the CJ910 series vacuum cleaners, quiet operation with low noise levels is achieved.

Noise Levels (JIS):
CJ919/CJ917: 60 dB
CJ915/CJ913/CJ911: 63 dB

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

HEPA filter ensures that your home remains fresh after cleaning. It captures and removes most household dust - up to 99.97% of those especially fine particles such as allergens, irritants and pollutants - before any air exits from the vacuum cleaner back into your home.

Durable Body &
Durable Hose

Specially designed durable body and host bring long-life, high-power operation.

Soft Roller

Soft Roller

The scratch resistant material on the solid floor roller helps prevent scuffs on the floor.

Soft Bumper

Soft Bumper

The scratch resistant material on the soft bumper helps prevent scuffs on furniture

Foot Operated

The on/off switch, cord retraction, sliding power level and nozzle removal are all smoothly operated by foot, so it's bend free!

Saber Handle

The ergonomic Saber handle with the dusting brush and crevice nozzle provides smoother maneuverability.

Mirror-Like Finish

Proven Japanese craftsmanship provides a piano finish to the surface body design adding a high prestige.

6.0L Big Capacity & Washable Dust Bag

6.0L Big Capacity & Washable Dust Bag

The 6.0 Big Capacity reduces the unpleasantness of multiple dust disposals and can be washed easily for better, hygienic cleaning.

Soft Inside Handle

Soft Inside Handle

The gentle softness on the handle allows a better grip when using or carrying your vacuum cleaner.

Variable Power Control

Variable Power Control

Variable power control enables multi-purpose cleaning.


Premium Series Vacuum Cleaner MC-CJ919
Max. Input Power 2500W
6.0L Dust Bag Capacity
Made in Japan

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