Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD Player DMP-BDT165


Unlimited Content and Smart Networking

The BDT165 features Internet Apps, Super Multi-format Playback and External HDD Playback while playing a FULL HD 3D Blu-ray DiscTM.

Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD Player DMP-BDT165



Wide variety of online content

Internet Apps (Simple)

You can access various content and services through the Internet and home networks. In addition, the 2015 BD players let you enjoy content in a wide variety of fields, including sports, games, music and more.

*Apps and accessories vary depending on the country.
* Some of the services are not available in the BDT165, BD93, BD83 and BD73.
* This image shows the DMP-BDT165.




Make the most of your multimedia

Super Multi-format Playback

The 2015 BD Players are compatible with a wide variety of formats, even up to high-resolution audio files from a wireless home network. Highly intricate tones, such as those of a studio master quality sound source, are faithfully reproduced with natural depth and true-to-life atmosphere.

* This image shows the DMP-BDT165.
* DSD formats is only playable on the DMP-BDT370, BDT270, BDT170 and BDT165.

Easily enjoy stored content

External HDD Playback Through USB

Panasonic Players and Home Theaters are compatible with NTFS (NT File System) format external hard disk drives, so you can enjoy music (FLAC, MP3), photos (JPEG, MPO), camcorder video content (MP4) and also 4K JPEG , which is four times the resolution (pixel count) of Full-HD, archived on an external HDD.

*The external HDD with capacities of 2TB or less in processing NTFS/ FAT32 data is supported. Playback is not possible with some external hard disk drives.


Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD Player DMP-BDT165
Wide Variety of Online Content
Internet Apps(Simple)
Super Multi-format Playback
Easily Enjoy Stored Content
External HDD Playback


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