DVD Player DVD-S500


DVD Player

Enjoy multi content with DVD/CD playback and photo Slideshow.




CD Ripping

CD Ripping

Enjoy Various Content

Able to archive your favorite music CD into USB memory. You will be able to enjoy your music by PC, portable audio player or other devices.

Power Resume

Power Resume

Resume DVD Even After a Power Failure

You can resume DVD from where it’s stopped even after a power failure. *There may be about a 10s difference from the actual point where the power was cut off. The power resume feature automatically creates and stores the chapter mark on certain intervals during playback of the contents in order to playback from the latest chapter marked when resumed from power supply problems. Please kindly note this feature does not playback from the exact scene which was interrupted upon power supply problems.


DVD Player DVD-S500
Tough Player
Dust Proof Design, Power Resume
Multi-Format Playback
Xvid Compatible
Easy to Use
CD Ripping


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