Photo of Telephone KX-TGD522

Telephone KX-TGD522

General Colour B [Black]
Cordless Handset Quantity 2
Cordless Phone Standard Cordless Phone Standard DECT, GAP
DECT Security Mode Yes (Not certified)
Other Communication Standard Wi-Fi® -
Bluetooth® Class -
Number of Phone Lines 1
Multiple Cordless Handset Capability 2 Handsets
Eco Function Eco Mode Yes
Radiation Free -
Convenience Link to Mobile Link to Mobile -
Mobile Registration Number -
Mobile Registration by Easy Setup -
Simultaneous Communication -
Ring as Mobile Mode -
SMS Notification -
Talking SMS Sender Alert -
Application Alerts -
Call Block by Number Call Block (Block Specific Numbers) Yes (250 numbers) *1, *2
Nuisance Call Block (Block Range of Numbers) Yes *1
Block Numberless Call Yes *1, *3
Easy Registration by Call Block Button Yes
Noise Reduction Cordless Handset Yes
Answering System Yes *4
Do Not Disturb Mode Do Not Disturb Mode Yes
Bypassing Do Not Disturb Mode (Specified Phonebook Category) Yes *1
Voice Mail Voice Mail Yes *6
Alert (Light-Up Indicator on Handset) -
Conference Call Conference Call with Outside Line Yes, 3 Way *7
Call Share Yes
Intercom Call Between Cordless Handset and Base Unit -
Between Cordless Handsets Yes
Intercom All -
Alarm Alarm Yes
Repeat Option Once/ Daily/ Weekly
Memo alarm Yes
Snooze Yes
Smartphone Connect -
Repeater Available Yes
Customized Sound System (Equalizer) Treble/ Alto/ Bass
HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) Support -
Power Back-Up Operation Yes *5
Power Outage Operation -
Baby Monitor Yes
Smart Function Key -
Any Key Answer Yes
Call Restriction Yes
Distress Call -
Clock Yes
Bluetooth Headset Capability (HSP Support) -
Caller ID Caller ID Yes *1
Caller ID Memory 50 items *1
Call Waiting Caller ID Yes *8
Category Ringer Yes (Cordless Handset) *1, *9
Private Ringer -
Category Display Colours -
Talking Caller ID Cordless Handset Yes *1, *10
Base Unit Yes *1, *10
Announcement Language English *1, *10
Phonebook Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 150 items (16 char/ 24 digits)
Shared Phonebook Yes
Phonebook Copy (Cordless Handset to Cordless Handset) -
Phonebook Copy from Mobile Phone via Bluetooth -
Memory Dial Cordless Handset -
Base Unit -
Speed Dial Cordless Handset Yes (9 entries)
Base Unit -
Chain Dial Cordless Handset Yes
Base Unit -
Cordless Handset Display Type Full Dot Monochrome LCD
103 x 65 pixels
Diagonal Size 1.6 inch (4.1 cm)
Language Arabic, English, Farsi
Backlight Colour White
Key/ Button Illuminated Keypad Amber
Short Stroke Key -
Call Block Yes
Key Lock Key Yes
Amplified Volume Key -
Receiver Volume Volume Steps 5-step
Speakerphone Speakerphone Yes
Full Duplex Yes
Volume Steps 7-step
Ringer Ringer Pattern 40
Volume Steps 6-step + OFF
Redial Redial Memory 10 (Name & Number) *11
Auto Redial -
Indicator Ringer Indicator (Colour) -
Charge Indicator (Colour) -
Battery Type Rechargeable - Ni-MH
Quantity x Size 2 x AAA
Talk Time Up to 18 hours *12, *13
Standby Time Up to 200 hours *12, *13
Charge Time About 7 hours
Hold Yes
Mute Yes
Recall Yes
Key Lock Yes (with password)
Headset Jack -
Wall Mountable (Charger) Yes
Base Unit Corded Handset -
Display Type 7-segment LED
2 digits
Diagonal Size -
Language -
Backlight Colour -
Key/ Button Dial Keypad -
Handset Locator Yes
Mobile Locator -
Call Block -
Speakerphone Speakerphone -
Volume Steps -
Ringer Ringer Pattern 1
Volume Steps 6-step + OFF
Redial Redial Memory -
Auto Redial -
Hold -
Mute -
Recall -
Wall Mountable -
Answering System Answering System Yes
Message Counter Yes
Language of Pre-recorded Greeting Message English
Total Recording Time About 40 min
Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding Message Yes
Message Alert Audible Alert Yes
Light-Up Alert (Light-Up Indicator on Handset) -
New Message Notification Notification Type Call
Announcement Language of New Message Notification English
Call Screening Cordless Handset Yes
Base Unit -
Remote Access Operation from Cordless Handset Yes
Operation from Outside (DTMF) Yes
Toll Saver Toll Saver Yes
New Messages Recorded 5
Recording Conversation -
Speaker Volume Steps (Base Unit Speaker) 8-step
Accessories Repeater Included -
Belt Clip Included -
Power Consumption Base Unit Standby Power Consumption 1.0 W
Charger Standby Power Consumption 0.1 W
Optional Handset Optional Handset -
Dimensions/ Weight Base Unit Dimensions (H x W x D) Approx. 87 mm x 126 mm x 101 mm
Weight Approx. 160 g
Cordless Handset Dimensions (H x W x D) Approx. 170 mm x 48 mm x 30 mm
Weight with Battery Approx. 130 g
Charger Dimensions (H x W x D) Approx. 41 mm x 72 mm x 74 mm
Weight Approx. 40 g
Repeater Dimensions (H x W x D) -
Weight -
Note *1 Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by your provider/ telephone company.
*2 Requires number registration in the call block list.
*3 Numberless calls cannot be blocked depending on the service of your provider/ telephone company.
*4 When using the base unit or handset to listen to messages, the noise reduction feature is activated automatically.
*5 The base unit gets temporary power supply from a cordless handset in the case of a power outage.
*6 Requires subscription to a Voice Mail service offered by your provider/telephone company.
*7 3Way: Cordless Handset - Cordless Handset - Landline
*8 Requires subscription to both Caller ID and Call Waiting with Caller ID services offered by your provider/ telephone company.
*9 Requires registration in phonebook function.
*10 Name pronunciation may vary.
*11 Requires registration in the phonebook to display the name.
*12 Actual battery performance depends on usage and ambient environment.
*13 Eco mode is on.