Panasonic Unveils Its Latest Steam Iron Range

Panasonic’s JU700, U550, U500 and U400 steam irons feature a big ceramic soleplate that lets you cover a much wider ironing area in the smoothest glide possible.

Panasonic has launched a new range of steam irons intelligently designed for high performance and ease of use.  The U Series steam iron models JU700, U550, U500 and U400 feature a big ceramic soleplate allowing the user to cover a much wider ironing area in far fewer strokes, while their ergonomically-designed handle and low height assure maximum comfort like never before.

In addition to its wider width, the soleplate is curved and has a unique U-shape for smooth and effortless ironing.  It also features 27 vents along the U-shape groove for steam distribution, essential for softening the fabric and removing wrinkles.  Thanks to its precision tip, these iron models are perfect for reaching the creases in the trickiest areas, making ironing less of a chore.

Apart from these, the irons are also built with the power shot steam system.  This Panasonic innovation allows large quantities of concentrated steam to penetrate deeply into the fabric so that it never loses its texture.  Power shot is also ideal for removing odour caught in hard-to-wash garments, such as knitted items and suits.  A micro spray blast feature also adds to efficient ironing, while anti-drip function prevents leakage from the steam holes.

The irons’ lifespans are also assured, not only with their heavy-duty design, but with their three-way cleaning system as well.  Anti-calc prevents calcium build-up in the water tank, while the self-cleaning button is for releasing excess water in the same compartment for instant and hassle-free maintenance.  To top it all off, the power shot aids in removing remaining water and calcium scale completely, preventing steam holes from getting clogged.

“The JU700, U550, U500 and U400 steam irons all boast the same excellent Japanese craftsmanship and unmatched efficiency you’ve come to expect from Panasonic products.  Not many steam irons can boast of these intelligent features so you can be assured of that you are getting the best of the best with our U Series,” said Mr. Keisuke Nakagawa – Director, Consumer Marketing Division, Panasonic.

The Panasonic U Series steam iron models are now available in Panasonic showrooms and major retailer outlets across the Middle East.

Key Features Per Model: