Local Warranty in (Ivory Cost)

Agent/ Dealer name: SONOCO

Products covered

Color TV , Compressors of Air Conditions,Fax,  Cameras, Radio, Cassette with CD, DVD Players, Recorders, CD/VCD players, Audio Systems, Home Theatre, LCD Projectors, Plasma/LCD Displays, Air conditioners, Home & Kitchen Appliances,Radio, Radio Cassette, Portable CD/Cassette Player, DVD Players/Recorders, Telephone, washing machine Personal Care, Equipment, Shavers, Electric Iron.

Warranty Period: 
1 Year

Warranty Coverage Includes:

Labor and Parts

Warranty Excludes:

Remote Controls, Batteries, Speakers, Headphones, Earphones, Cables, Stands and Holders, Glass & Plastic Containers, Pushers

Terms & Conditions:

* Accidents witch might occur during transportation to or from point of purchase, mishandling.

* Natural wear and tear.

* Damage of a product resulting from negligence

* Damage of a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product * SURGE

* Any use other described in the operating manual of the manufacturer.