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Crusty Loaf Artisan Bread Maker SD-ZP2000

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Crusty Loaf Bread Maker

Culinary creativity has never been easier, with the SD-ZP2000 to create authentic oval-shaped crusty loaves, as if fresh from the local bakery! Gourmands can also use this bread maker to effortlessly craft a versatile selection of cakes, specialty doughs, jams, and more.
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Home-Baked Artisanal Crust

Baking enthusiasts can bite into an authentic crusty artisan loaf fresh from their own kitchen, thanks to the SD-ZP2000 bread maker’s next-generation kneading, dough-rising and baking technology.
Home-Baked Artisanal Crust

No Hands Kneaded Dough!

A superb combination of the blade and ribs in the pan replicate hand-kneading techniques to develop firm gluten, setting the stage for baking light and fluffy bread products encased in a tantalising crunchy crust.
No Hands Kneaded Dough!

Sensors Produce the Perfect Bake

When the SD-ZP2000 switches on, you can switch off and relax while two state-of-the-art sensors measure internal bread temperature and ambient conditions, then work in unison to ensure dough rises consistently during the baking process.
Sensors Produce the Perfect Bake

Kitchen Counter Baker’s Oven

Unlike traditional bread makers that feature a bottom-only heater, the SD-ZP2000 features a reflective inner lid and central heater surrounding the ceramic pan that mimics the stable temperature of a traditional baker’s oven.
Kitchen Counter Baker’s Oven

Gourmet Gluten-Free Baking

The SD-ZP2000 offers innovative specialty modes, temperature sensors and kneading technology to blend and bake delicious gluten-free bread and cakes using wheat alternatives like spelt, rye, rice, soy and chickpea flour.
Gourmet Gluten-Free Baking

Array of Fresh-Baked Delights

The SD-ZP2000 caters for everything from family mealtimes to sumptuous social occasions. A variety of programs let home bakers produce crusty loaves, lavish bread stuffed with epicurean ingredients, buttery brioche, a heavenly range of cakes, and much more.
Array of Fresh-Baked Delights

Bake and Other Programs

Versatile Crusty Loaf Options

Prepare delicious crusty loaves with the SD-ZP2000’s built-in programs, including white bread, whole wheat, lean, white raisin, white stuffed, whole wheat raisin and lean raisin.
Versatile Crusty Loaf Options

Bread, Cake, Gluten-Free, Dough & Jam

Hard crust bread isn’t all the SD-ZP2000 can do. Try its other functions such as soft bread, soft raisin, brioche, gluten free bread and cakes, pizza dough and delicious home-made jams.
Bread, Cake, Gluten-Free, Dough & Jam

Designed for Kitchen Connoisseurs

With its sleek, minimalist design finished in premium materials, the Panasonic SD-ZP2000 crusty loaf bread maker makes a grand statement of style on any kitchen countertop.
Designed for Kitchen Connoisseurs

Bread Maker Recipes at The Ideas Kitchen

Quality kitchen appliances are nothing without great recipes. Delicious and easy to prepare, The Ideas Kitchen will bring out your inner chef, with delectable recipes to help you make the most of your Panasonic Bread Maker, Rice Cooker, Microwave, or other.

Enjoy browsing, cooking and, most importantly, eating!
Bread Maker Recipes at The Ideas Kitchen


Photo of Crusty Loaf Artisan Bread Maker SD-ZP2000

Size and Weight


Crusty Loaf Bread Maker with Crust Colour Setting

Make Delicious Gluten-Free Bread & Cakes, Brioche, Pizza Dough and Jams

18 Auto Menu Programs

No Manual Kneading Required


  • -K(Black)

Product Size - width (approx. mm)

  • 273

Product Size - height (approx. mm)

  • 340

Product Size - depth (

  • 404

Product Weight (kg)

  • 7

Main Material

  • PP

Rated Voltage

  • 230-240V


  • 50Hz

Rated Power Consumption

  • 645-700W

Power Failure Function

  • 10 mins.

Bread Pan Size - width (approx. mm)

  • 162.8

Bread Pan Size - height (approx. mm)

  • 156

Bread Pan Size - depth (approx. mm)

  • 202.8

Bread Pan Coating

  • Ceramic

Kneading Blade

  • Unique for ZP2000

Kneading Blade Coating

  • Ceramic

Power Cord Length (approx. cm)

  • 90cm

Power Cord Colour

  • Black


  • LCD(No backlight)

Language of Control Panel

  • Icon/Pictogram only

Language of Menu Printed on Unit

  • English

Yeast Dispenser

  • No

Raisin/Nuts Dispenser

  • No


  • Yes (Max. 13 hrs.)

Size Selection

  • 2 size(Soft Bread only)

Crust Colour Selection

  • Light, Medium (Soft ,Soft Rapid,Soft Raisin,Soft Raisin Rapid ,Brioche)

Kneading Selection

  • "Raisin"(White, Whole Wheat, Lean, Soft)
    "Stuffed" (White)

No. of Menu

  • 18

Menu List

  • Hard Crust Bake: White, White Raisin, White Stuffed, Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Raisin, Lean, Lean Raisin
    Bake: Soft , Soft Rapid , Soft Raisin , Soft Raisin Rapid , Brioche, Bake Only
    Gluten Free: Gluten Free Bread, Gluten Free Cake
    Others: Bread Dough, Pizza Dough, Jam

Target Bread Size [white]-width(approx. mm)

  • 150

Target Bread Size [white]-height(approx. mm)

  • 110

Target Bread Size [white]-depth(approx. mm)

  • 190


  • Measuring cup, measuring spoon


  • Package

    • Offset colour printing
  • Package Size - width (approx. cm)

    • 45
  • Package Size - height (approx. cm)

    • 38
  • Package Size - depth (approx. cm)

    • 32
  • Gorss Weight (approx. kg)

    • 8
  • Remarks about packaging

    • Carton box size and weight differ depend on atomosphere (ex: humidity). Therefore, specify in cm and kg.
  • OI Language

    • English



Photo of Crusty Loaf Artisan Bread Maker SD-ZP2000

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