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Premium SR-CN188WST 10-cup Multi-Function Rice Cooker

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Perfectly Textured, Great Tasting Rice

Cook up to 10 cups of great tasting rice with the perfect texture, thanks to the newly designed 2.2mm thick inner pan featuring 6 layers. 16 auto menus give you the option to cook a range of rice varieties, porridge, cake and more. You’ll also appreciate the large LED display, detachable inner lid and steam vent, and keep warm function.
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Family Cooking Simplified

Watch Marion Grasby make 3 mouth-watering dishes in the Panasonic SR-CN188WST
Rice Cooker. Ribs, Curry & Cake each in under an hour!

Yum Cha in a Rice Cooker!

Marion Grasby whips up her favourite yum cha dishes, from pork & prawn shumai dumplings to mango pancakes, all with the help of the SR-CN188WST Rice Cooker.

Thick Inner Pan Delivers Fluffy Rice

With a thickness of 2.2mm and 6 distinct layers, the highly durable inner pan effectively stores thermal energy and delivers heat evenly to cook the rice, making it fluffier.
Thick Inner Pan Delivers Fluffy Rice

16 Versatile Auto Menu Modes

White Rice

The range of modes include the ability to choose from regular, soft or hard texture for white rice.
1. White Rice (Regular)
2. White Rice (Soft)
3. White Rice (Hard)
4. Quick
White Rice

Healthy Rice

Alternatively, choose the healthier option modes for quinoa, brown rice and multigrain.
5. Quinoa
6. Brown Rice
7. Multi Grain
Healthy Rice

Versatile Menus

There’s also additional modes for other kitchen favourites, including:
8. Jasmine Rice
9. Sticky Rice
10. Porridge
11. Clay Pot Rice
12. Soup
13. Slow Cook
14. Cake
15. Bread
16. Steam
Versatile Menus

Handy Display and Operation Panel

This Panasonic 1.8l multi-rice cooker comes with a white LED display and top operation panel that provide high visibility and greater ease-of-use.
Handy Display and Operation Panel

Detachable Inner Lid and Steam Vent

A convenient feature for frequent use; the inner lid and steam vent can be easily removed for cleaning.
Detachable Inner Lid and Steam Vent

The Ideas Kitchen

Fabulous recipes created by Panasonic

We LOVE food, and you’re here so we guess that you do, too! We aim to provide you with a variety of delicious options that you’ll find irresistible and easy to prepare. Our recipes are tailored to provide the best results when using Panasonic appliances but they can be adapted to utilise whatever is in your kitchen. Enjoy browsing, cooking and, most importantly, eating.
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Photo of Premium SR-CN188WST 10-cup Multi-Function Rice Cooker

Size and Weight


2.2mm 6-Layer Inner Pan

Evenly Cooked Fluffy Rice

16 Auto Menu Modes

Variety & Texture Options

Convenient Control Panel

Bright LED & Top Operation

Cooking Capacity

  • 1.8 L

Voltage / Plug

  • 240 V / O3 (3 P)

Heater Power

  • 910 W

Inner Pan

  • Inner Coat : Black Non-Stick Coating
    Outer Coat: Almite & Black paint

Steam Vent / Cap

  • Detachable Vent

Keep Warm

  • 12 H

Display (88H88M)

  • White LED


  • Yes


  • Delay Timer

Quick Cook

  • Yes

Number of Menu

  • 16

Menu Contents

  • White Rice (Regular)
    White Rice (Soft)
    White Rice (Hard)
    Quick / Qinoa
    Brown Rice
    Multi Grain
    Jasmine Rice
    Sticky Rice
    Clay Pot Rice
    Soup / Slow Cook
    Cake / Bread

Dimensions (WxDxH)

  • 274 x 384 x 246 mm


  • 3.8 kg

Power Cord Length

  • 1.0 m


  • Steam Basket, Rice Scoop, Porridge Scoop, Measuring Cup, Scoop Holder



Photo of Premium SR-CN188WST 10-cup Multi-Function Rice Cooker

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