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How To Organise Your Fridge

When choosing your fridge, make sure you select one that supports your lifestyle

Learning how to organise your fridge can not only save you time and hassle, but it can also save you money by cutting down on unnecessary food wastage.

Keeping a clean and organised fridge sounds easy enough, but it can be tricky knowing what you should do and where to start.

Meet Adrian. Like many of us, Adrian leads a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have a lot of time to think about his fridge cleanliness and organisation. While Adrian is a meticulous person and his fridge storage practices are actually quite neat and tidy, he’s still got some areas that can be improved.

Adrian buys a lot of fresh, healthy food but doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare meals.

Read on to see how we better organised Adrian’s already neat and tidy fridge.

Adrian’s Fridge: Before Organising

Adrian: “I’ve got a large capacity Panasonic refrigerator, but I don’t think I’m making the best use of its space or features.

I use large food storage containers to organise my fridge, so that no matter how much leftovers I have, they will fit.

I buy a lot of fresh vegetables - but I want to make sure I store them correctly so they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Also, I put my aftershave in the fridge. Sounds odd I know, but it keeps it fresher for longer.”

Luckily, Panasonic has more than a few useful tips about food storage and fridge organisation for Adrian.

Before: many people don’t use the fridge dimensions of their personal refrigerator efficiently.

Adrian’s Fridge: After Organising

Not bad Adrian! We like your neat approach to fridge storage - it’s practically Instagram-ready! However, here are some easy ways to further improve your fridge organisation and food storage.

Firstly, keep meat inside the Prime Fresh Freezing area. The minus-three degrees Celsius soft freezing feature means that items are ready to cook without defrosting, saving you time and retaining flavours and nutrients that can be lost during the defrosting process.

Utilising the Prime Fresh compartment has other added advantages as well:
• It keeps meat fresh and nutritious for seven days and prevents it from deteriorating and releasing unpleasant smells.
• Soft freezing allows meat and fish to be sliced easily and neatly.
• Added flavours such as marinades penetrate faster for more delicious results when meat is at approx. -3°C.
• You can whip up a batch of food over the weekend, and store it for meals throughout the week.
• With soft freezing, you can slice off exactly what you want to use, or scoop just a ladle or two of leftover frozen soup!

Secondly, we’ve shifted Adrian’s veggies to the bottom drawers. That’s because they boast Double Moisture Control Filters (dependant on fridge model). These maintain freshness of fruit and vegetables by automatically adjusting to ideal humidity levels.

Next, organising your fridge with food containers that are transparent allows you to instantly see what’s in them, and grouping similar food items together saves you time hunting for particular items each morning.

Finally, if you’ve used your fridge space well you shouldn’t have to stack jars or containers on top of each other, as this can cause a hassle when trying to get to the bottom ones, not to mention they can slip and break.

After: take good care of your fridge, and organise the refrigerator to optimise your routine.

To view the variety of fridges available in the Panasonic range, with sleek finishes and features such as Prime Fresh and AG Clean, click here.

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