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LUMIX Accessory DMW-FL360L

Price (RRP)$ 399.00


External Flash (Wireless Compatible)

*The GN36 (ISO100・m) flash enables bounce shooting (vertically: -7 to 90, horizontally: 180). It features wireless capability, handy for multiple-flash shooting. The LED light is useful for video shooting and has fast charging, to provide comfortable and easy flash shots.



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External Flash FL360L

The GN36 (ISO100・m) flash complies with useful bounce lighting. The DMW-FL360L incorporates wireless control functions that enable powerful multiple flash lighting with up to three flash groups. Flash settings such as firing, dimming and exposure compensation can be configured via the camera menu. It may also be used as a slave flash. The DMW-FL360L features LED lights that are especially useful for shooting videos under backlit or low-light conditions. Charging is fast at only about 2 seconds, to provide comfortable and easy flash shots.

• Some functions will not be available depending on the camera.


LUMIX Accessory DMW-FL360L
Firing period Approx.
1/20,000 to 1/500 sec
Guide number 36
(ISO100・m), 12 (ISO100・m)
When the wide panel is used
Lighting angle
(With wide panel: 8 mm lens, 35 mm camera equivalent: 16 mm)



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