In a class of its own

An elegant style expressing discernment, confidence and strength.
A bold presence that radiates integrity and ability,
it strongly conveys the excellence of the photos taken.

Proportioned to accentuate the lens, with vectored lines
that complement the dominant circle of the lens,
the coherent styling is shaped only by what is essential.
Unparalleled functional elegance bestows flagship status
in an unwavering commitment to traditional photographic values.

A natural, well-balanced feel

Whatever the challenge, professionals get results.
To capture that fleeting moment in often challenging locations,
you may have to bide your time with camera at the ready.

Countless modifications and repeated prototyping are needed
to finally arrive at the ideal shape with a reassuringly stable grip,
a form refined enough to shoot for long periods and to carry,
a design suitable for any location.

Smooth response to the creative flow

A professional tool should be more than beautiful.
Responsive to intent, a proper tool lets you effortlessly operate,
move, and keep your attention focused on the moment
to create an unforgettable image.

To ensure a quickly familiar feel, we analyzed each and every
finger movement made while shooting.
Optimizing control so that fingers land in the right place and move naturally,
parts were sometimes shifted by mere fractions of a millimeter.

Capturing the passion

Just picking up the camera stimulates a powerful desire to use it.
Enraptured by beauty, lost in the creative impulse,
seduced by light, you will be driven to capture the expressive essence.

Designed to stir a photographer’s passion, it’s reassuring to touch:
knurled dials, a deluxe red line accent, and a rippled, deep-black body.
Interacting with the quality and feel of the surface textures opens up
fresh dimensions of creativity and bold new avenues of visual expression.