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Camcorder Accessory VW-CLT2E-H

Price (RRP)$ 399.00


FULL HD 3D Recording with Conversion Lens

*By simply mounting the VW-CLT2 3D Conversion Lens, you can record FULL HD 3D images.



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3D conversion lens for use with HC-X900M and HC-V700 camcorders

Panasonic’s 3D conversion lens gives you total flexibility, allowing you to record vivid and immersive 3D images on your 3D capable camcorder (HC-V700* and HC-X900M), then play back your 3D footage on a 3DTV at the home.

3D image shooting with the 3D conversion lens
Dynamic 3D content can now be created and experienced first-hand using Panasonic’s optional 3D conversion lens, the VW-CLT2E-H. In natural vision, people see slightly different images with their right and left eyes. This difference is called ‘visual disparity’. The brain processes these images with visual disparity to reconstruct spatial conditions, enabling us to see things with three-dimensional depth and solidity. This visual disparity is artificially produced for 3D images so that the brain will interpret it as depth and solid-appearing objects.

The VW-CLT2E-H records Full-HD 3D images with the MVC (Multiview Video Coding) recording system of the AVCHD 3D format. The lens has F2.0 brightness and 1.5x digital zoom for a versatile range of 3D shooting. This brings all the lifelike ambience of the actual scene right into the living room.

The HC-X900M camcorder is also equipped with a 3.5-inch wide LCD that allows 3D viewing without the need for special eyewear. Images recorded in 3D can be checked on the spot.

3D play back on your 3D TV
You can play back 3D videos recorded using the 3D lens on 3DTVs, including Panasonic VIERA 3DTVs – either by connecting the Camcorder to the TV via the optional 3D-compatible Mini HDMI cable, or via the SD card slot of any AVCHD-compatible player/recorder.

* HC-V700 requires fitment of the included step-up ring



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