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Local Dimming Ultra


Local Dimming Ultra

By placing a high number of local-dimming zones directly behind LCD panel, the screen can bring out delicate details and highly nuanced expressions which might otherwise have been lost.


Rich gradation is achieved by matching the backlight control and optimizing the brightness level to each area. This enables deeper black expression and displays even tiny details in dark scenes with crisp clarity.

How Local Dimming Ultra works




AX900 Series

There's no black floating, so the areas surrounding the bright buildings remain jet black.

Local Dimming

Reproduce deep black

Backlight control is adjusted on a block-by-block basis within the image. This creates dynamic contrast and produces crisp, tight blacks.


Area Gamma Control

Optimize black for each scene

Brightness level is analyzed for dark area and bright area, and the gradation step is optimized in accordance with brightness level in each area.


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