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Massage Chair EP-30004

Price †$ 6,399.99
Massage Chair EP-30004


Real Pro Ultra™ Intensity Plus Massage Lounger




Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA™

Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA™

—the latest luxury massage chair from the leaders in massage replication technology for over 35 years – Panasonic. The Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA™ is designed to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout your body to promote good health, with its 5 pre-set programs, a 5-minute Quick ‘Refresher’ mode and 8 customizable self-program modes. The Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA™ is truly like having your very own massage therapist at home.

Benefits of Panasonic Chair Massage

• Relaxes muscles
• Stimulates acupoints for increased energy flow
• Temporarily increases circulation

Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology

Massage heads that open and close – these 4 massage styles can be chosen during a massage:

• Shiatsu – finger pressure massage using thumb pressure to press, hold and release for strong deep-tissue pressure and stretching using 2 massage heads.
• Swedish – variety of massage techniques designed to relax and invigorate muscles.
• Kneading – push & grasp for a deep maximum therapeutic effect, that stimulates acupoints and increases energy flow. Particularly useful for the neck and shoulders.
• Grasping – thumb and finger closing kneading massage.

“Junetsu” Massage Technique

“Junetsu” Massage Technique

Junetsu, the Japanese word for ‘ultra fine kneading’ is based on the one-second circulator thumb movements of professional massage therapists. Junetsu quickly loosens up tight muscles, and the spiral circular motion reverberates through muscles to invigorate down to your bones’ surface.

“Junetsu” Ultra-Fine kneading Penetrates Deeply and Quickly

Seat Massage

Gently squeezes and soothes buttocks.

Calf Massage

Gently squeezes and loosens tightness, increases circulation.


For professional, personalized massage therapy on your feet, the Real Pro ULTRA™ utilizes adjustable and removable plates to incorporate reflexology into the massage experience. This reflexology stimulates additional massage points on your feet, increasing blood and energy flow throughout your body.

Arm & Shoulder Stretch

Gradual stretching of shoulder muscles to remove tension & increase flexibility.

Arm & Palm Massage

Increase circulation and warmth, removes tension.

Leg Stretch

Works to alleviate stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs. The air system in the ottoman squeezes the lower legs while it lowers and raises in 20° increments.


Massage Chair EP-30004
(a Panasonic exclusive)
ultra fine kneading
New soothing grasp and closed fist massage for neck and shoulders
New flexible ottoman (accommodates height)

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