What is your style?

What is Your Style?

What is Your Style?


Hair: 21st Century Caesar

The Caesar cut became popular in the 90s, and variants remain hip today, with more or less horizontal bangs and short, rounded look. The version presented here has rough bangs for a modern flair. 

Beard: Five O'Clock Shadow
Don’t fight that heavy beard—just tame it a little. Five o’clock shadow adds a touch of spice to a formal style. 

Clothes: Suit and Tie
Rock a suit with a touch of rebellion. Get a conservative suit that fits you perfectly. The tie and pocket square are two places where you can add a splash of colour, or make the tie and pocket square conservative while letting the shirt stand out. Cufflinks, belts, and shoes will help project your style!


Hair: Slicked Back Undercut

The contrast between the two layers (long on top and short sides and back) gives this cut its daring, creative style. You can part the top, tease it, or just let it hang. This version is slicked back for a dashing style.

Beard: Full Beard
Projecting a relaxed mood, this style complements casual or business casual wear.

Clothes: Business Casual

Business casual gives the young gent plenty of latitude to express himself. Combinations of shirts, sweaters, jackets, chinos, and denim are almost limitless. Avoid  anything stained, torn, too formal, or otherwise uncool—you be the judge!


Hair: Side Part Undercut

In combination with the undercut, this style looks classic and modern all at once. The geometry particularly highlights thick and wavy hair. Accentuating this cut with product is another way to enhance the suavity of the look!

Beard: Stubble
The slightly longer cousin of the 5 o’clock shadow, with a similar effect, while adding a bit of appealing insouciance to the overall look! 

Clothes: Casual-Formal
This style comes from the creative mix of your favorite casual and creative wear. No suit, no tie. Combine a blouson or blazer with denim or a chino. Add a t-shirt, a button-down, a knit and accessorize with leather shoes or Chelsea boots, scarfs, gloves, and glasses, etc. Combining light and dark colours is definitely in style.


Hair: Crew Cut

Simplicity never goes out of style. This style is a cinch to wash and requires little to no combing. Those sporting a crew cut used to require frequent trips to the barber — but when you have your own trimmer, your cut will always look fresh!

Beard: Chin Strap
The chin strap follows the jawline in a neatly trimmed "strap" of hair. Try it with or without a moustache to get just the look you want.

Clothes: Rough

Not too fancy or formal, anything works: oversized coats, t-shirts, pullovers, bombers, black leather and dark denim jackets, jeans, and chinos. A wide range of accessories is also possible: work / combat boots, sneakers, bold jewelry, chains, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Dark colours are always welcome. 


Hair:Buzz cut

With this style, you are ready for action-on the field or off! Ultimately sleek, this cut is the perfect complement to a sporty look.

Beard: Moustache and Goatee

Carefully sculpted facial hair adds an elegant twist.

Clothes: Sporty

Characterized by understated urban style, this look combines athletic and training wear with simple jackets, t-shirts, sweat shirts, denim, and chinos. Restrained, simple hues are at the core of the look, but you won't draw a pernalty for throwing on a shirt or accessory that pops with colour or has hip-hop appeal.