Men's Shaver ES-ST25

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Milano Triple Blade Linear Shaver

Get a Powerful Shave with Smooth Results.




Nano technology

Our nano technology delivers sharp blades for a precise and close shave at the root so there is no need to go over the same spot. While conventional shavers offer a range of 45° to 90° blades, select Panasonic models come with the sharp blade angle of 30° for an even closer, faster and gentler shaving experience.

Arc Blades

Whiskers under the chin cannot be completely caught by conventional straight blades. With curved blades, the entire surface fits closely under the chin without problems. In addition, approximately 1,100 foil holes facing in 800 directions catch the hard to reach whiskers under the chin or under the nose. Just placing it against your skin automatically shaves cleanly.





ARC foil

The arc foil grasps and shaves each whisker under the chin and jaw line, requiring less pressure and it helps to reduce irritation. The Nano blades combine with the arc foil to better conform to your face for an ultra-smooth and close shave.

Linear motor drive

Our patented Linear motor offers a clean shave without friction. At up to 14,000 CPMs*, our shavers are some of the fastest on the market. They power effortlessly through thick beards with less pulling and irritation while shaving.

* Select models.





Shave wet or dry

Panasonic technology allows your shaver to be fully immersed in water and can be used in the shower. Using shaving gel, enjoy a wet or dry shave and then simply rinse clean under running water; you’re left with a shaver that’s fresh and clean and ready for its next use.

Stubble sensor technology

The new ES-ST25K Linear Milano shaver features Panasonic’s new and exclusive Stubble sensor technology. This intelligent shaver automatically detects changes in hair density and will increase power to effortlessly cut through thicker hair, often found on the chin or neck.


Men's Shaver ES-ST25
Fast 13,000 CPM
Linear Motor Drive
Stubble Sensor Technology
Multi-fit Arc Blades

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