Personal-Fax KX-FP215




Junk Fax Prohibitor

This feature prevents fax reception originating from numbers that match a programmable Junk Fax Prohibitor list.

Navigator Key

This feature provides easy access to the caller I.D. memory and frequently dialed numbers. You can also use it to adjust handset volume, select features or feature setting during programming, or navigate to the next operation.

Quick Scan

This feature lets you scan a document into memory almost TWICE as fast as a conventional FAX machine, then send the document from memory to the recipient.

Enhanced Copier Functions

All models perform a range of advanced copier functions: Enlarge, Reduce, Collate and Multiple Copy.

Sequential Broadcasting

Sequential Broadcasting is designed to make faxing to more than one location quick and easy. Each Panasonic machine lets the user send the same document to several locations. After all transmissions have been completed, a broadcast report will be printed to confirm successful completion of the job.


Personal-Fax KX-FP215
Compact and stylish
Multi-copy function
(up to 20 copies)
15-Minute recording time


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