Handset KX-TGA106

Handset KX-TGA106


Optional handset for TG106 series answering system




Call Display & Call Waiting Deluxe*¹ Compatible

The LCD readout can display the name and number of incoming callers, even if you’re on another call.

*¹ Requires subscription to call display, call waiting and/or voice mail service. Please check with your local telephone company for details and availability in your area.

Chain dial

This feature allows you to dial phone numbers in the handset phonebook while you are on a call. This feature can be used, for example, to dial a calling card access number or bank account PIN that you have stored in the handset phonebook, without having to dial manually.

DECT 6.0 technology (1.9 GHz)

DECT 6.0 technology (Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) is a new frequency band for cordless phones (1.9 GHz). DECT models are interference-free from other wireless devices such as computer routers, wireless keyboards, microwave ovens, and other common household devices.

DECT is a proven and reliable technology that has been used in Europe for many years. It offers brilliant sound quality, prevents eavesdropping, has long range transmission and select Panasonic models have an amazing 17 hours of talk time!

• Wireless network friendly
    (Interference-free from Wi-Fi networks, microwave ovens, etc.)
• Prevents eavesdropping
• Clear sound & Long range transmission

Digital Duplex Speakerphone

Helps reduce the echo and drop out effect found in regular speakerphones for a more natural-sounding conversation.

Directory Sharing

Part or all of the registered telephone directory on one handset can be transferred to other handsets.

Headset (Optional)

Select cordless phone models are equipped with headset jacks. Buy an optional headset (Panasonic models: KX-TCA400K, KX-TCA430S) to enjoy hands-free conversations.

Privacy Mode

With the Privacy Mode ON, you can prevent anyone else from joining or listening in on your conversation with an incoming caller.

Ringer ID*¹*²

If you subscribe to Call display service, the illuminating colour (red, green, amber) and/or the ringer tone can be set to change according to the caller. The indicator on the handset lights up to tell you that there is an incoming call or voice message.

*¹ Requires subscription to call display, call waiting and/or voice mail service. Please check with your local telephone company for details and availability in your area.
*² Requires name registration in phonebook function.

Voice Mail Service Compatible

If you subscribe to your phone company’s voice mail service, an indicator on the LCD will flash when there are new messages in your mailbox.

Intercom mode

Two handsets can communicate without the base unit interface inside or outside the home. This mode doesn't interfere with incoming calls.

50-Station Phone Directory

Up to 50 names and telephone numbers can be stored. The stored numbers can be quickly accessed using the navigator key.


Handset KX-TGA106
DECT 6.0 technology (Digital enhanced cordless communications)
Easy to see
- Large 1.8” amber backlit display
Digital handset speakerphone


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