Premium 4K TV with New Smart User Interface

As well as reinforcing its 4K resolution with a wide colour range and bright panel, this series' easy-to-use functions makes them great at reaching various kinds of contents with intuitive operation.



4K Ultra HD

With 4x the picture resolution of a normal HD TV and 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K Ultra HD TVs make pictures look so detailed and pristine that you feel like you are looking at the real world through a window rather than watching TV. With features like high brightness / high colour space panels and the powerful Quad Core Pro Engine, they draw out every last tiny detail 4K has to offer.

Image Motion (IM) 240 Hz for
Crisp and Clear Action Scenes

Image Motion Technology uses high quality frame creation and advanced back light scanning to ensure fast action scenes are always clear.

Local Dimming for Enhanced Blacks

The new generation of high brightness LCD panels are great for boosting colours and vibrancy. You can control their brightness in dark picture areas with Local dimming, which makes this possible by letting separate clusters of the TV's backlights output different brightness levels, so brightness can be reduced for dark areas without compromising the intensity of bright areas.

Black Gradation Drive

This technology enables smooth gradation and intricate black expression in dark scenes which results in more realistic images with greater depth.

DCI 90% Colour Space

Advanced LED backlight design produces a wider colour range

Panasonic LCD TVs with wide colour phosphor technology covers up to 90% of the DCI standard, giving viewers subtle tones and natural, true-to-life colour palette.

4K Fine Remaster Engine

The 4K Fine Remaster Engine reproduces 4K image quality with 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution not only from 4K Native image but also from virtually all image sources by up-conversion. Fine details and delicate colours that simply could not be produced in HD resolution bring an entirely new level of life-like ambience to the living room.


4K Ultra HD
Image Motion (IM) 240 Hz
Local Dimming


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