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4K Ultra HD LED TV TC-55CX850


Premium 4K TV with New Smart User Interface

With their 4K resolution, "Studio Master Drive", plus cutting-edge smart features like MIC-free voice control and a new Firefox OS based home screen, the CX850s are true high-end heroes.



4K Ultra HD

With 4x the picture resolution of a normal HD TV and 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K Ultra HD TVs make pictures look so detailed and pristine that you feel like you are looking at the real world through a window rather than watching TV. With features like high brightness / high colour space panels and the powerful Quad Core Pro Engine, they draw out every last tiny detail 4K has to offer.

4K Studio Master Processor for Accurate Picture Quality

The panel is the canvas and the processor is the artist. Panasonic's new 4K Studio Master Processor contains our unrivalled picture processing know-how from our reference-quality plasma TVs and our professional AV products, to deliver the best possible picture quality true to the director's intentions. Together with our Wide Colour Phosphor technology, it ensures accurate colours, fine blacks and brilliant brightness.

Local Dimming Pro for Rich,
Natural Blacks and Greater Detail

LCD TVs usually create pictures with just a few lights all running at the same brightness, making it hard to deliver convincing black colours and sufficient detail in dark areas. Local Dimming Pro provides individual control over a large array of LED lights behind the screen, greatly enhancing contrast. Also, dozens of picture 'zones' are analyzed and adjusted separately to boost shadow detail.

DCI 90% Colour Space

Advanced LED backlight design produces a wider colour range

Panasonic LCD TVs with wide colour phosphor technology covers up to 90% of the DCI standard, giving viewers subtle tones and natural, true-to-life colour palette.

THX® Certified Display

Professional Cinema Quality in Your Living Room

THX® was founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas with the goal of improving the entertainment experience in the cinema and in the home. Only televisions that pass 400 THX® lab tests within 30 testing categories receive the mark of THX® 4K Display certification. Their rigorous performance standards and uncompromised picture quality ensure that you experience the filmmaker's vision exactly as it was intended.

* THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. registered in some jurisdictions. The THX 4K DISPLAY logo is a trademark of THX Ltd. All rights reserved.

Image Motion (IM) 240 Hz for
Crisp and Clear Action Scenes

Image Motion Technology uses high quality frame creation and advanced back light scanning to ensure fast action scenes are always clear.


4K Ultra HD
Studio Master Processor
Local Dimming Pro


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