Photo of IC Recorder RR-US310

IC Recorder RR-US310

High Quality Recording & Playback Zoom Recording -
Low Cut Filter
Noise Cancelling
Built-in Stereo Microphone -
Chorus Playback
Automatic Sound Level Control
Speaker Size 20mm/ 25/32inch (8 ohms)
Easy Operation Sound Focus Playback -
Recording Scene Selection ● (3 scenes)
Repeatable Practice Function
Direct USB Plug
Built-in Memory 2GB
SD Memory Card Slot -
Recording Function Recording time [Approx.] PCM / 1411kbps (Stereo) -
MP3*1 / 320kbps (Stereo) -
MP3*1 / 192kbps (Stereo) 22h (XP mode)
MP3*1 / 128kbps (Stereo) -
MP3*1 / 96kbps (Stereo) 44h (LP mode)
MP3*1 / 64kbps (Stereo) -
MP3*1 / 32kbps (Mono) 132h (SLP mode)
Number of Recording Files (max.) Voice 199 files x 1 folder
Line-in -
Music 99 files x 1 folder*2
Digital VAS Function
Recording Modes MP3 Mono (3 mode)
Recording Format MP3*1
Recording Sound Monaural
Recording Level Adjustment Auto/ -
Recording EQ (for Mic) -
Playback Function Playback Modes Repeat/ Time Search
Playback Format MP3*1
Sound EQ -
Speed Control 21 steps
Terminal External MIC. ● (Stereo)
USB Plug ● (Direct USB Plug)
Power Power Output 80 mW
Power Supply Alkaline AAA x 1
Battery Life (for Recording) - Alkaline/ Ni-MH [Approx.] *3 LPCM / 1411kbps -
MP3 / 320kbps -
MP3 / 192kbps 26h (Mono, XP mode) / -
MP3 / 128kbps -
MP3 / 96kbps 27h (Mono, LP mode) / -
MP3 / 64kbps -
MP3 / 32kbps 34h (Mono, SLP mode) / -
Battery Life (for Speaker Playback) - Alkaline/ Ni-MH [Approx.] *3 LPCM / 1411kbps -
MP3 / 320kbps -
MP3 / 192kbps 12h (Mono, XP mode)
MP3 / 128kbps -
MP3 / 96kbps 12h (Mono, LP mode) / -
MP3 / 64kbps -
MP3 / 32kbps 14h (Mono, SLP mode) / -
Supplied Accessories USB Extension Cable/ Battery ●/ -
Dimensions, Weight Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.] 37.5 × 107.8 × 15.7 mm
Weight (with Batteries) [Approx.] 50 g
Weight (without Batteries) [Approx.] 39 g
NOTE *1 This model is not compatible with TRC/ADPCM format IC recorders made by Panasonic. Also, files recorded on this unit cannot be played on those IC recorders and/or cannot be read using Voice Editing software supplied with those IC recorders. *2 In MUSIC folder, up to 199 files per one folder can be recognized and played back. If subfolders are created, number of files playable is reduced by the equivalent number of subfolders created. *3 With Panasonic Ni-MH AAA battery (HHR-4AG) and Alkaline AAA battery (LR03). # 1GB = one billion bytes. Useable capacity will be less.