Rechargeable Self-hair Clipper ER-GS60


Smooth & Clean Self-haircut For Very Short Hair

Comfortable Wet Cutting Plus Dry Cutting

and Styling with A Single Unit




Cut while shampooing with wet & dry 2-way styling

Cut while shampooing with wet & dry 2-way styling

As well as regular dry cutting, Wet/Dry 2-Way Styling lets you cut your hair while shampooing. Cutting your hair when you are washing it in the shower means there’s no scattering of clippings and you can enjoy a smooth-feeling cut.

9-step, 1 mm-10 mm at intervals of 1mm

9-step, 1 mm-10 mm at intervals of 1mm

After connecting the attachment, simply turning the lever lets you adjust the cutting length in one-millimeter increments from 1 mm to 10 mm. Enjoy everything from close-cropped hair to short hairstyles with a natural finish.

Easy clean maintenanc

Easy clean maintenanc

If you cut your hair while shampooing, there’s no scattering of clippings. When you’ve finished, just wash away the clippings with the shampoo foam. The waterproof design lets you wash the whole unit to keep it well maintained. You can also clean clippings from the blades with running water without removing them.

Acute 45˚ blades for smooth cutting

Durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45˚ edge enable precise cutting. Sharp cutting edges quickly cut even thick and hard hairs.

Easy to grip ergonomic design

The ergonomic design provides a familiar feel for easy gripping. It also makes cutting at the back and other difficult-to-cut areas easier.

Convenient charging stand exclusive AC adapter

To recharge, simply place the unit in the charge stand. The compact stand is upright so it does not take up space by the washbasin. During charging, the indicator light glows red.


Rechargeable Self-hair Clipper ER-GS60
Wet & Dry
2-way styling
9-step, 1 mm-10 mm
At intervals of 1mm
Acute 45˚ blades
For smooth cutting


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