Panasonic Awarded Three Universal Design Awards 2013

The 2013 Universal Design Award (hosted by German Association for Universal Design), an international design award that recognizes excellent universal design products and services, was awarded to three Panasonic products. The Variable-Colour LED Lighting, LED Compact Street Lighting and ‘Viera’* Television Voice Guidance for the UK market.

In addition, these three were also awarded the Consumer Favorite Award, chosen by a group of 100 members of the public, a cross-sectional population based on age and gender.

*Applicable Models: T50B、GT50B、ST50B、UT50B、XT50B、WT50B、DT50B、ET50B、ET5B and E5B

Furthermore, the Variable-Colour LED Lighting was also awarded the Good Design Award 2012 (Japan) and is highly praised internationally.

The award ceremony took place on 23rd February 2013 at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich.

Universal Design Awards

Features of the Variable-Colour LED Lighting

1. Scientific studies of light brightness and colour were carried out. With easy operation, one can adjust the light to the way they feel is the perfect brightness and hue, from incandescent lamp color to natural white light.
2. Provides the most comfortably lit environments for various use scenes such as when studying, eating or spending relaxing time with family.

Product Website:

Features of the Compact Street Lighting

1. By considering the sensitivity of the human eye to light at night, we achieved a white colored LED light containing many short wavelengths, which makes the street feel brighter for pedestrians at night.
2. Optimal positioning of the LED lens and main globe achieve a light that illuminates a wide area while suppressing glare.

Product Website:

Features of the ‘Viera’ Television Voice Guidance for the UK Market

Example of Voice Guidance feature on the electronic program guide.

1. Assists visually impaired users by reading out loud on-screen GUI. *
2. Assist users who have difficulty with operation.
*Voice Guidance feature already implemented and highly praised in Japan, therefore introduced internationally.

Product Website:

Consumer Favorite Award

Features of the Wireless Speaker ‘SC-MC10’

1. A compact and convenient wireless speaker, which allows you to listen to audio, such as television audio, closer at hand.
2. Correction of high/mid region tones that the elderly find difficult to hear.

Product Website:

The EVERLEDS Variable-Colour LED Lighting was also awarded the 2012 Good Design Award (Japan). Additionally, the ‘Viera’ Television Voice Guidance for the UK Market has been awarded the Inclusive Design Award by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and is highly praised internationally.

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