Panasonic Business Strategy and Financial Results for First Half of the Year Announced with Q&A Voice Recording

President Tsuga (Photo:right) Presented Panasonic's Business Strategy (Tokyo, Japan)

Panasonic held its earnings conference for consolidated six-month results (April-September) FY2014 and its business strategy in Tokyo on October 31, 2013. After presentations, President Kazuhiro Tsuga and Managing Director Hideaki Kawai conducted a Q&A session with the institutional investors and analysts.

President Kazuhiro Tsuga described Panasonic's current situation and achievements of the first half, and also explained the theme of medium-term plan and the figure which aims at Panasonic. Hideaki Kawai (Photo:left), Managing Director, talked its segment and financial results and the upward revision of the annual forecast.

Many questions were submitted in the question-and-answer session to the future business strategy with a focus on turning around challenges and business potential of the automotive and housing-related business to focus.

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