ATL and Panasonic did it again with a new Photovoltaic Project developed in Audi and Volkswagen Showroom

Panasonic installed a 58.5KW on grid system that is providing 30 per cent of the power consumption

Panasonic and ATL (automotive) continue an ECO Expansion with a new Photovoltaic Project in Jamaica, promoting the use of solar panels, generating clean energy from the sun and reducing the emission of CO2.

Panasonic installed a 58.5KW on grid system, with 234 solar panels (Audi: 114 panels/ Volkswagen: 120 panels), providing 30 per cent of the power consumption of its Audi terminal and Volkswagen showroom at the Oxford Road store. The work was complete in a three weeks period and an estimated area of 500m2 was use. The project was developed with Panasonic STD module 245W panels with an efficiency of 14.8 percent and an output warranty of 25 years.

“We have enjoyed a long standing partnership with Panasonic so we are confident in that we are receiving world class service from a company with more than 35 years’ experience in solar technology,” ATL Automotive’s CEO Adam Stewart noted.

The system, ATL Auto said, will realise a payback within four years with an estimated annual photovoltaic (PV) production of 98,930 kWh per year.

The company emphasized that all ATL Panasonic systems use the highest quality components, including SMA Inverters, which is the ideal and flexible solution for commercial PV systems, along with SolarMount racking systems, which are certified by professional engineers and covered by a 10-year warranty
Combined, Panasonic and ATL have more than 135 years of experience. ATL has a team of Panasonic-trained engineers, PV installers and certified roofing professionals who together custom-design each system for maximum efficiency for each client.

Panasonic make a worldwide difference by developing top of the line technology and continue helping the planet with ECO and Smart Solutions.

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