North American B2B: Expanding the Entertainment Business with "Entertainment King" Disney as a Client

Panasonic is looking to expand in the field of entertainment, focusing on North America as the main market. As part of this effort, at a press conference held at this year’s CES on January 4, Panasonic announced a strategic partnership with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

With the restructuring of Panasonic's AVC Networks (AVC) Company, we will establish a new internal company named "Connected Solutions Company" as of April 2017. The entertainment field will be one of its key business areas. At a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) press conference on January 4, senior managing director and AVC Company president Yasuji Enokido announced the partnership with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts to strengthen Panasonic's entertainment business in North America. A few days later, at a press conference held by AVC Company for the Japanese media on January 7 in Las Vegas, executive officer and head of the entertainment business, Masaki Arizono, announced, "In answer to requests from customers we will strengthen our development at the forefront of software and services." Enokido declared, "We want to develop the entertainment business to the point where it becomes the face of our company." One of the pillars of that effort is the partnership with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, a business development that will be watched intently both inside and outside the company.

In this partnership Panasonic will be providing visual solutions, primarily high-performance projectors, to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort in the United States for use at attractions and shows. Panasonic also plans to propose solutions for cruises and resort hotels run by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. The initial contract period will be 10 years, during which time Panasonic plans to provide solutions that endear Panasonic technology to Disney and make us an indispensable partner, aiming to deepen ties well into the future.

One key reason why Walt Disney Parks & Resorts was eager to establish this contract is the quality of Panasonic's visual solutions—an interest in our projectors and large-screen displays that are already in use at theme parks. We consider projectors to be a mainstay of Panasonic's business into the future. They feature far higher performance than competing technologies. Our projectors employ a laser light source, which assures up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, while maintaining high resolution over time. Unique technologies assure dependable operation under the harsh theme park installation environment where projector problems can otherwise be commonplace. Our projectors are roughly half the size and weight of projectors of comparable brightness from other companies, which greatly simplifies installation, construction, and operation. Consequently, Panasonic projectors are the subject of high future client expectations.

Our policy is to be the best official provider of projection technology we can be, to work closely with our clients, and to develop solutions for the difficulties they face that exceed all expectations, in the end raising customer satisfaction even further.

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts is the world's largest comprehensive entertainment company, and is one of the four primary business segments of the Walt Disney Company (Disney). Worldwide, Disney operates its theme parks and the Disney Cruise Line (park-themed cruise ships) with inspiration taken from Disney movies and animated features.

In terms of the number of visitors to theme parks worldwide, Disney parks run by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts receive around 140 million visitors annually, by far the most of any parks in this category. 

The land area of the Walt Disney World Resort, which encompasses four theme parks in Orlando, is 122 square kilometers, larger than all of central Tokyo within the Yamanote loop line. Of the four Disney cruise ships, the largest has a capacity of 4,000 passengers and 1,400 staff. Guests can enjoy the dream world of Disney while onboard and also visit Alaska, the Mediterranean Sea, or the islands of the Bahamas. During such trips guests might spend a day on a private island owned by Disney and engage in a variety of activities. Looking at any part of this business one can see that the scale is truly enormous. Disney is a first-class client at the top of the entertainment industry.

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