Partnerships in Panasonic Latin America, S.A.

Alianza por el Millón (Alliance for the Million)

Panasonic Latin America and Asociación Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (ANCON) (National Association for the Conservation of Nature), signed an agreement to support the “Alianza por el Millón” (Alliance for the Million) project aimed at reforesting one million (1,000,000) hectares over the next 20 years. Panasonic joins the “Alianza por el Millón” (Alliance for the Million), which aims to recover degraded soils, restore watersheds, encourage the creation of forestry jobs, ecotourism and biodiversity to reforest degraded areas. This project has the backing of the Asociación Nacional de Reforestación y Afines de Panamá (National Reforestation Association and Allied Panama), Cámara de Comercio, Industrias y Agricultura de Panamá (Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture of Panama), Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agricultural Development and the Presidency of the Republic.

Global partnerships

Panasonic's global partnership is based on supporting a number of global events and activities that resonate with our philosophy of contributing to society by providing cutting edge technology.


As the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner, Panasonic has been supporting the Olympic Games with its cutting-edge AV equipment solutions for over 30 years.

Panasonic has also extended its support to the Paralympic Games by becoming the first Japanese company to sign the top tier sponsorship agreement for the Paralympic Games.

Drawing on a wide portfolio of technologies and wealth of experience, Panasonic will continue to provide a wide range of solutions to help people across the world share in the passion and excitement and athletes deliver the performance of their lives.

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Logo of Worldwide Paralympic Partner Panasonic

Towards 2020, Beyond 2020

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