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Instructions for Use Website of Panasonic Latin America, S.A. “PANALAT”

These user instructions are only applicable to the Website under http://www.panasonic.com/caribbean/, printed for PANALAT. Please note that several pages with specific material in the PANALAT sites may have their own instructions. Kindly follow the special instructions found in these pages.


1) In the websites in our company Panasonic Latin America, (“PANALAT sites”) you will find words, figures, designs, logos, phrases, registered trademarks, (“Information of the Website”), which are part of the registered rights and contents of the company PANALAT and which are named exclusive property of PANALAT and its affiliates (“Panasonic Corporation”) as original authors. Except, in cases for personal use and samples without commercial interest, it would be a crime against reserved rights to – copy, transmit, distribute, modify or reproduce, totally or partially, Information of the Website without the approval of Panasonic Corporation, the proprietor and original author of the reserved rights and contents. Because of the aforementioned, it is indispensable to have the authorization for the use of this Website.
Consequently, the following uses are not authorized:
• Work requiring the use of figures.
• Work requiring the use of registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation or of third parties.
• Any work which gives incentive to or is considered inappropriate.

2) When using Website information, do not modify or erase the warnings of Reserved Rights.

3) The Website information is written in its own form, without guarantees, be it expressed, printed, including but not limited to the title guarantees, mercantilism, precision, trust, particular proposals or those that infringe upon the rights of others. For no reason or motive before expressed, will Panasonic Corporation be susceptible to damages related to the negligence of inappropriate use, due to the incompatibility to access the PANALAT Website through specific, special, direct, indirect or coincidental methods under contract or by other methods.

4) The Websites of other parties, except those of Panasonic Corporation, tied or not to the PANALAT sites, function independently, and their maintenance is handled by third parties and are not under the management or supervision of Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic Corporation does not guarantee the contents of the Websites of third parties.

5) Please note that the contents, URL or structure of the PANALAT sites can be subject to change without notification.


1) When connecting to PANALAT sites, please contact the administrator (samudio.mariana@pa.panasonic.com). The lack of response by the administrator is not indicative that Panasonic Corporation has accepted the connection.

2) Please contact the administrator again when you need to formulate significant changes to the page connected to the PANALAT site.

3) You must not, for any reason or cause, connect to the pages which are not the superior of http://www.panasonic.co.jp/global/index.html. If you wish to connect to another page or part of the pages designated above, please contact the administrator at the address presented on the top of this page, and follow instructions.

4) The name of our company, if it is used during the connection to our Home Page, must be written correctly as: Panasonic Latin America, S.A. If you use the connection through our Logo, you must use the Logo which appears on the bottom of the page. The rights of the registered trademark and the intellectual rights are the property of Panasonic Latin America, S.A. and its mother company, Panasonic Corporation. Please do not alter or modify the Logo in any of its parts during your use.

5) Any connection which PANALAT considers or finds under the following terms, is established as categorically prohibited.
• Connection to a site which abuses Panasonic Corporation or an executive or employee of Panasonic Corporation.
• Connection to a site which damages the reputation or dignity of Panasonic Corporation. As an example, the connection to a site that degrades the order and public morals.
• Connection to make sites PANALAT are unrecognizable malfunctions from another site.
• Connection to a site that causes a misinterpretation existing within an alliance or relationship with Panasonic Corporation, or that Panasonic Corporation recognizes or endorses as its site or the products of this site.

6) PANALAT reserves the right to remove any of these connections previously described because of its inappropriate use, even though they have been approved before.

7) Accessing our website or give us your personal information, you give permission, consent and express acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your information will be used by PANALAT in order to communicate promotions and upcoming events. We respect your privacy and the information provided will not be shared with third parts and will be used exclusively for PANALAT. If you do NOT wish to receive correspondence from us by any of these routes, or wish to withdraw your registration will be enough where stated specifically, duly marking the option in the corresponding.


1) On the PANALAT sites, when information is obtained about our clients, such as: name, address, phone number, etc., the purpose of the information is always defined, as well as a contact number, and the objective of the information is explained, and the motive of the solicitor in requesting it.

2) The information gained from our clients is processed and handled so that its illegal access is prevented, as well as its loss and alteration, and it will only be used within the established parameters during its reception.

3) The personal information obtained from our clients will not be available to access, and will not be divulged or exposed to the attention of third parties, unless the person himself should authorize it. PANALAT and Panasonic Corporation, in the power of their own functions under the reserved rights and content rights, strictly requires from each person, qualified as third parties, the adequate use of its personal information. If the information gained is remitted to third parties that are not part of Panasonic Corporation, it will be made known that the personal information was sent to a third party and at the same time, the name of the organization which requested the information will be made known.

4) The information gained about our clients will only be used for purposes of promoting the products or services of Panasonic Corporation. Promotional information of products and services can be appropriately remitted with personal information about the client. If you do not wish to receive this promotional information, please contact us through the address on the page where you entered the personal information, and we shall immediately proceed to omit your information for these purposes.

5) If you wish to confirm, review or omit any information remitted to us, please contact us through the address on the page where you entered the personal information, and we shall proceed immediately in the prescribed manner.

6) About cookie:
This Website uses cookies for improving convenience of customers, statistical grasp of browsing situation for improving the Website, optimal site display for customers, and advertisement delivery.

A cookie is a small data file that the Website writes in your terminal when visiting the Website, and allows the Company to identify the user who visited the Website. The Website will not obtain any information that enables to identify individuals by cookie, unless the Company has prior consent of the customer. And the Company do not use information stored in cookies for any purposes other than statistical understanding of browsing situation, optimal site display, analysis, and delivery of advertisements to customers.

By changing the setting of the browser by the customer, the fact the Website uses cookies are displayed in advance and you can refuse to accept cookies, provided however, that in the case, please note in advance that some services on the Website may become unusable if rejected.

7) About using cookie in advertisement delivery:
Based on the contract with third parties to whom the Company outsources advertisement delivery, the Company may disclose all or part of the information collected by cookies etc (excluding the information which enables to identify individuals) to the third parties. In this case, the third party may use your browsing history page information etc. and display the Company’s advertisements tailored to your preference not only on the Website but also on the website registered to the advertisement network.

If you wish to stop such advertisement delivery, you can change the browser setting on the website of the advertisement delivery company.
Google advertisement delivery settings
• Facebook advertisement opt-out page
• Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page

8) About using Google Analytics
The Website uses Google Analytics as a tool to analyze access from customers in order to improve this Website. Google Analytics uses cookies and collects logs without including information that identifies individuals.
Google Analytics
• About data usage by Google

About Google Analytics Advertising Features
This Website enables "Google Analytics Advertising Features" and uses the following functions to use third party cookies such as DoubleClick cookie for advertisement and site improvement.
Report on Google Analytics user delivery and interest category
Therefore it is possible to analyze the tendency of your age, gender, interest concerning the product by using cookie of Google Analytics on this website.
If you wish to stop using "Google Analytics Advertising Features", you can disable tracking by changing the setting. You can easily disable the Google Analytics opt-out add-on when it is installed in the browser.