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Educational projects and environmental training


Project partner: The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, mainly Faculty of Electrotechnical and Mechanical Engineering.

The goal: 13-year cooperation with the University of West Bohemia thanks to Grant for research and development which is aimed to technical equipment of laboratories and research projects. From 1997 the project valued at several millions. PAVCCZ contribute to finalise the insignia of Faculty of Electrotechnical in Pilsen.


Project partner: Primary and secondary schools in Pilsen and West Bohemia

The goal: To support the equipment of biology and physics classes in primary and secondary schools in Pilsen and also in schools in Šumava region. From the beginning of 1997 PAVCCZ provided about 92 televisions for 33 schools.


Project partner: Institute Tereza, o. s.

The goal: education in global environment. Every year the area of cooperational non-profit organizations expands. In 2009 PAVCCZ supported the project „Forest at school and the school at forest”. There could participate 33 schools with 550 children. From year 2013 the Institute Tereza becomes the main organizer of Panasonic Eco Kids School Learning Programme. The main topic is climatic changes. Every school from the Czech Republic can enter.


Project partner: The Scout Association – Junák, Pilsen city

The goal: Free time activities of children connected with nature. The second popular organization is JUNAK – The Scout Association. We cooperate with them on education courses for future Scout leaders and this year we provide them equipment for ecological class. Scouts from Pilsen are a part of the project: Climatic Changes. There will participate more than 100 children from 92 Scout groups.


Project partner: Nadace Zelený poklad

The goal: The building of ecological school gardens within the project Green Treasure Foundation which was found by Council of Pilsen city. Last year there was built ecological school garden for 50 people in 5. Kindergarten, street Zelenohorská, Pilsen thanks to PAVCCZ financial grant.

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Participated in the project


The University of West                Institute Tereza, o. s.
Bohemia in Pilsen

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The Scout Association –         Green Treasure Foundation
Junák, Pilsen city