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Social projects


Project partner: Transfusional Department in the University Hospital in Pilsen

The goal: 3-year cooperation PAVCCZ with Transfusional Department of the University Hospital in Pilsen. There is a campaign called „Donate blood, you donate hope“ and new donators help in critical months (February – March, July – August) where there is a lack of blood in hospital. The number of donators is increased about 30% within promotion. Some employees of PAVVCZ actively participate.


Project partners: The University Hospital in Pilsen, Hospice of Saint Lazar in Pilsen, The Childen´s Home in West Bohemia.

The goal: To improve school centrums, waiting rooms for patients. There are more than 10 departments in the University Hospital in Pilsen and in Hospice of Saint Lazar in Pilsen.


Further cooperation for sheltered flats for children and adolescents from the children´s home and 5 fully equipped classes in Tachov, West Bohemia.

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