Silky Fine Mist systems

Our Silky Fine Mist and Tornado Air Curtain

Provide Effective Cooling

Ultra-fine mist

Silky Fine Mist

An ultra-fine dry mist with a particle size of 10 μm*1 generated by our proprietary 2-fluid nozzle. It evaporates quickly so you don't get wet even at close distances and it efficiently cools the space for maximum comfort. 

*1 When operating in "Medium" mode

Effectively keeps spaces cool.

Tornado Air Curtain*1

By trapping cool air from the mist using tornado-type airflow, you can create a cool zone with a width of two meters. This reduces the problem of cold air being dispersed in outdoor settings. 

*1 Tornado Air Curtain: Cool air is prevented from escaping by generating an airflow pattern that swirls the air from the outlet at an angle of around 90 degrees.

Cooling Effect

It has the effect of lowering the temperature in an area with a width of two meters by around four degrees Celsius with respect to the surroundings.*4 
The air curtain effect prevents the cool air from being dispersed even when there is wind blowing at 0.8 m/s.

* This drop in temperature may not be possible depending on the weather conditions. 
*1 These measurement results were obtained from our testing environment. 
*2 Results obtained under our verification conditions (at a height of 1.7 m). Verification conditions: External air temperature 33.5 °C, humidity 61 % RH. 
*3 Calculated based on an area of 0.6 to 0.7 m2 per person. 
*4 Results of our in-house experiments.

The temperature of an area with a width of around 4 m drops due to being exposed to the diffusion of cool air. 
This area that can fit around eight wheelchairs or strollers.*7 
The size and temperature of the cooling area may vary depending on the speed and direction of the wind.

* This drop in temperature may not be possible depending on the weather conditions. 
*5 Results from tests performed by our company (height of 1.1 m) in a windless environment (dry-bulb temperature 35 °C, humidity 40 % RH). 
*6 Calculated based on 0.6 to 0.7 m2 per person. 
*7 Calculated based on an area of 1.1 m2 per wheelchair or stroller.

Remote Monitoring and Control Service*1

It is possible to connect your Green AC unit to Panasonic's cloud server where its operating status will be monitored and a service technician will contact you or provide on-site support in the event of an abnormality. The operation schedule can be automatically controlled according to the weather forecast service from Weathernews Inc. 

*1 A separate contract is required to use our remote monitoring and control service. For more details, please check here.

Product Specifications

AE-GXA031(Available in Japan only)

Cooling effect

Reduces the temperature by approximately 4 °C (measured in a wind-less environment with an ambient temperature under 35 °C and a humidity of 40 % RH).

Cooling range

An area with a width of 2 m (1.1 to 1.7 m above the ground)

Rated voltage

Single-phase 200 V/100 V, dual power supply

Rated power consumption

200 V: 0.8 kW/100 V: 1.0 kW (50 Hz)
200 V: 1.0 kW/100 V: 1.1 kW (60 Hz)

Mist nozzles

2-fluid nozzle (×4)

Mist spray position (height)

Mist sprayed from 2.8 m above the ground

Weather forecast service linked operation

Weather forecast information is received every hour and the unit is automatically controlled (LTE communication).

(1) Temperature judgment control


Weather conditions


35 °C or higher


30 °C or higher


25 °C or higher

(2) Humidity judgment control

Stops when the outdoor humidity reaches 80 % RH.

(3) Wind speed judgment control

Stops when the outdoor wind speed reaches 5 m/s (adjustment for local effects such as wind around tall buildings is performed locally).

Operating environment temperature

+ 5 °C to + 46 °C

Size (mm)




Main unit



(Main unit vertical section thickness of 200 mm, the depth dimension includes the self-supporting frame.)





Remote Monitoring and Control Service/Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance

□ Work at the start of the season
- External appearance inspection
- Electrical system inspection
- Replacement of consumable parts
- Test run + water quality check
- Duct cleaning + final check

□ Work at the end of the season
- Test run, sprayer discharge, cleaning
- Sprayer drying
- Underground pipe drying
- Duct condition inspection
- Final check

Remote monitoring and control service

- Automatic control of Green AC units based on weather forecast information.
- Monitoring of equipment operating status and alarms.
- When an abnormality is detected, an alert email is automatically sent to the specified email address.
- The cause of an abnormality can be investigated remotely.
- Rapid response by a maintenance company.

Response to inquiries

- Explanation of remote monitoring screen operation procedures.
- Reception of failure notifications.
- Operation log confirmation.

- Please apply for the remote monitoring and control service when you purchase the product.
(If you do not enter into the service contract, some functions may not be available.)
- Please apply for the periodic maintenance service when you purchase the product.
- The periodic maintenance service contract shall be established by Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd.


* Equipment specifications are subject to change in the future.
* "Green AC" and "Silky Fine Mist" are registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.
* Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
* Performance data such as the temperature reduction was obtained by performing measurements under our testing environment conditions. We cannot guarantee users will always experience similar levels of performance.

Additional Information

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