Silky Fine Mist systems

Portable Model on Casters for Easy Installation and Operation

* Easy installation = When using a nozzle module

This model emits our high-quality Silky Fine Mist that leaves less water on surrounding surfaces and perfectly refreshes any indoor space.


[Highly portable]
 This model is equipped with casters, giving it the flexibility to be moved to different areas for use or storage.
[Does not require installation]
 The nozzle module can be used immediately simply by inserting the tubing.
[Built-in tank]
 Water can be stored in the built-in tank for later use.


Cooling (factory)

Cooling (gymnasium)

Humidification (in offices, conference rooms, etc.)

Antibacterial Mist*1 for a Clean and Comfortable Environment

Have you ever encountered these problems?

It is hard to create a clean office environment.
I want regularly sanitize spaces, but the cost is too high.

I want daily sanitizing, but it is too labor-intensive.
I want to perform saniziting according to how often each facility is used.

Daily saniziting of unmanned spaces

Sanitizing can easily be performed at any time. Since spaces such as offices and conference rooms can be sanitized after each use, it is possible to constantly maintain hygiene.

Reduces burden for speedy results

It cuts the amount of labor required for sanitizing and delivers consistent spraying patterns that can be controlled mechanically. The sanitizing time can be set according to the size of the room. Sanitizing can be automatically performed simply by placing the device in any space.


Since sanitizing does not need to be performed manually, it drastically cuts the risk of staff being exposed to pathogens. To make the environment more hygienic, our special electrolyzed water*2 can be used to disinfect surfaces that people often touch such as desks and doorknobs.
Note: These claims are based on our antibacterial performance tests.*3

*1 A sanitizing effect was observed 21 minutes after performing a test in a 30 m3 enclosed space. Results may vary when performed in other spaces. Several conditions apply to the practical application and usage of this device. For more details, please contact our sales staff.

Example of Use

Electrolyzed water is sprayed into the space in the form of ultra-fine mist that leaves less water on surrounding surfaces. It disinfects surfaces that people regularly touch such as desks, chairs, and other equipment. A 120 m2 room will be able to be kept in a hygienic state for around 35 minutes. (Electrolyzed water is sprayed for 20 minutes and then left to stand for 15 minutes, the room is assumed to have a ceiling height of 3 m.)

* Mist sanitizing designed to be used in unmanned spaces.

Panasonic Kusatsu Plant

When the device operates in an empty conference room that has just been used, it effectively disinfects surfaces that are often touched such as desks and doorknobs, and maintains a clean environment. (Address: Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture)

Precautions & Terms of Use

Antibacterial performance tests*3

Verification of antibacterial performance: Testing performed by the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science (No. 2020_0372).
Performance evaluated under Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association standard JEM1467.
A sprayer was mounted in a 30 m3 test chamber and sprayed electrolyzed water with a concentration of 80 ppm.
Samples were attached to heavy gauze and glass slides and then the effect was evaluated.
A sanitizing effect exceeding 99 % was observed after spraying with electrolyzed water for 6 minutes and then leaving it to stand for 15 minutes.


  • The effect may vary depending on usage environment conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity, and the size of the room.
  • This device is not intended to prevent illness.
  • Since the sanitizing effect results were obtained from tests under our own testing conditions, we are not able to guarantee that customers will obtain similar results at their own facilities.
  • Make sure that people do not enter the room while the mist is being sprayed.

Device usage

  • Be sure to only use the device under the terms of use of the service as specified by Panasonic.
    *2 Electrolyzed water is used.
         - Type of water used: Purified water
         - Type of electrolytes added: Sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid (concentration of 80 ppm)

Additional Information

Case Studies

Here we can see some examples of customers who have adopted the Green AC series.


Green AC can revitalize various spaces in ways other than simply eliminating heat.

MORPHIC - Creating aesthetic productions

Endless combinations
Silky Fine Mist can be used to create a range of unique production spaces.