'Silky Fine Mist' Misting systems

Flexible Installation Makes It Suitable for a Variety of Locations

Product Specifications

Green AC Flex
High-capacity model

Model number


Dimensions (mm)



192 kg

Rated power consumption
(50 Hz)


Number of nozzles

6 to 15 E/G nozzles*1

Tube length
(From the sprayer to the nozzles )

Up to 45 m

Mist generation control method

Electronic (flow control valve)
Feedback control
PWM control (via DMX)

Power supply

Single-phase 230V/240V

Water supply method

Directly connected to the public water supply*2
Dedicated water supply line*2
Water tank*2

Available in


*1 The maximum mist generation volume may vary depending on the number of units connected.
*2 For the high-capacity model, a water supply pressure of at least 150 kPa is required regardless of the water supply method.

Periodic Maintenance


Limited-time usage such as during summer

Year-round usage such as for aesthetic staging effects

Periodic Maintenance

□ Work at the start of the season
- Inspection
- Measurement of residual chlorine concentration
- External appearance inspection
- Electrical system inspection
- Replacement of consumable parts
- Test run
- Final check
□ Work at the end of the season
- Test run, sprayer discharge, cleaning
- Sprayer drying
- Final check

□ Before starting use
- Cleaning
- Electrical system inspection
- Replacement of consumable parts (filters)
  * The high-capacity model requires replacement of the server battery (once every 2 years).
- Equipment operation inspection
- Test run

Please apply for the periodic maintenance service when you purchase the product.
* The content of the periodic maintenance procedure varies depending on the purpose and frequency of use.

Periodic maintenance services will be provided by our national sales company or the partner company in each country.

Additional Information

Case Studies

Here we can see some examples of customers who have adopted the Green AC series.


Green AC can revitalize various spaces in ways other than simply eliminating heat.

MORPHIC - Creating aesthetic productions

Endless combinations
Silky Fine Mist can be used to create a range of unique production spaces.