Silky Fine Mist systems


(December 2019)


Toe on net - Rembrandt

Here, mist is generated in a space that is surrounded on three sides, which acts as a backdrop for images from the projectors.
Circulation fans create airflow from the projector, which results in a sense of dynamic flow in the mist and images.
This gives the images greater depth and movement.

[Main equipment used]

・ Mist nozzles: 16 units

・ Projectors (2000 lm): 3 units

・ Circulation fans: 3 units


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Case Studies


Created the clearest and most beautiful space in the city of Milan.

Frieze LA

Frieze LA

Creating Clouds With Mist

A deep and immersive feeling of being surrounded by mist.


The (MU)ROOM meditation space is a completely new style of accommodation.

Kaiju no Sumika

Mist is used to indicate a portal to a whole new world.


Toe on net - Rembrandt


Wonder Mist Bar

The New Japan Islands 2020

The New Japan Islands 2020

Kyoto Nijo Castle

The 2021 Nijo Castle Summer Festival

Okayama Makido Cave

Okayama Makido Cave Projector × Mist

Tenmabashi Hachikenyahama Promenade

Tenmabashi Hachikenyahama Promenade Scenic Illumination

Expo 2020 Dubai - Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion Projectors × Mist

Tokyo German Village

Tokyo German Village Illumination × Mist