Mist Nozzle - Type E


Material: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)

Weight: 10.5g

Gas-liquid mixing method: Liquid pressure principle

Spray pattern: Elliptic cone

Feature: Sprays mist softly in a wide angle

Applications: Humidification, Cooling, Special Effects, etc.

Nozzle Characteristic Table


Flow Rate Diagram

  • How to read the diagram
  1. The spray flow rate (L/h) is for one nozzle.
  2. The red line indicates compressed air pressure Pa (Mpa), and the blue line indicates liquid pressure Pw (Mpa).
  3. The number in circles represents the Sauter mean diameter (μm) by the laser Doppler velocimetry.
  4. This diagram shows the performance of the nozzle alone. 

Product Model Number