Pneumatic Misting Sprayer

Step into the top category page for Panasonic's pneumatic misting sprayers, where innovation meets efficiency. Our low-pressure, air-saving mist atomizing technology enables air compressors, water pumps, and control panels into a single, integrated unit. This allows us to bring dry mist closer to you with easy installation and operation.  Explore this selection and discover how Panasonic's pneumatic mist sprayers can help your business.

Use Tap Water

There is no need to prepare special water treatment.  Just use the tap water available at your location. Residual chlorine in tap water keeps your equipment clean.


Sensor Integration

Our sprayers are equipped with terminal blocks to receive external signals, allowing you to integrate various sensors and other devices. Additionally, the AE-GF041 series also includes terminal blocks for transmitting the equipment's status to external sources.


Water Purging

To prevent nozzle clogging due to mineral buildup and the proliferation of Legionella bacteria, water in the pipes is pushed out with air during shutdown.



We offer different models tailored to various regional voltages and regulations. Please click on your region to proceed to the respective page