Last-mile transportation

As cooling boxes for last-mile transport to medical facilities.
It has excellent cooling performance, and it can be transported to multiple destinations. The VIC's thermal insulation performance can be checked using the VIC's built-in wireless vacuum sensor unit and dedicated inspection stand just before transportation.

International transportation

"We have cooling boxes that are ideal for importing investigational drugs and biopharmaceuticals from overseas to Japan.
The long cooling time allow for transport from the country of origin to the destination country without refrigerant transshipment "

Temporary storage

It can be used as a temporary storage of medical supplies in case of power outage due to natural disasters.
(* Please be carefulmindful about the management of an appropriate refrigerant to maintain the refrigerant temperature.)

DTP (Direct to Patient) transport

VIXELL can be used to transport refrigerated and investigational products when patients / experiment subjects cannot visit the hospital.