Change dynamic action scenes into unforgettable memories with a Wearable Camera.

The Wearable Camera meets VIERA

Immediately view high-quality 4K images of dynamic, exciting experiences on the large VIERA screen

The World’s First 4K/30p Wearable Camera

This is the world's first* wearable camera capable of 4K/30p shooting. Because it easily attaches to the body, it lets you capture active scenes from a unique perspective and beautifully smooth images.

*For a consumer-type action camera as of the announcement date of May 13, 2014.

Hexa Chroma Drive

In addition to the three primary axes of the color (Red/ Green/ Blue), it is performing the color management by the addition of 3 colors(Cyan/ Magenta/ Yellow) becoming the complementary color. "HEXA CHROMA DRIVE" realizes a wide color gamut and accurate color reproduction.