Capture the beauty of the moment with 4K LUMIX

4K Lumix meets VIERA

Stunningly beautiful landscapes extracted from 4K images can be instantly viewed on the large VIERA screen

Professional-Level Picture Technology

LUMIX offers a wide line-up of digital still cameras featuring 4K video recording for all user types. From serious image creators to ordinary users who just want to take great photos of everyday scenes, there's a model that's just right for you. In addition, 4K Photo lets you extract instantaneous still images from video footage to further expand your creativity. LUMIX has created an entirely new form of photo-expression by combining the best of still and video image technologies.

Hexa Chroma Drive

In addition to the three primary axes of the color (Red/ Green/ Blue), it is performing the color management by the addition of 3 colors(Cyan/ Magenta/ Yellow) becoming the complementary color. "HEXA CHROMA DRIVE" realizes a wide color gamut and accurate color reproduction.