Smart, Bright, and Efficient Ideas for Illumination

Panasonic’s first-ever product was a bicycle lamp in 1923. Our technology has since evolved into a family of products that deliver bright and efficient illumination in any situation.

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The White Series is a collection of unique flashlights suitable for any home décor and everyday life.

White Series White Series
One-2 LED Lantern BF-AL05 One-2 LED Lantern BF-AL05

• Efficient LED for up to 1,000 hours*1 of lighting
• Push-touch High or Low light modes
• Hang on lanyard, place in stand, use as flashlight (switch on bottom)
• LED doesn’t get hot, safe for children
• Size (Approx.): W 70 mm x H 135 mm x D 70 mm

*1 In Low Mode with EVOLTA batteries.
*2 In High Mode with EVOLTA batteries.

One-2 LED Lantern BF-AL05
LED Mini Lantern BF-AL01 LED Mini Lantern BF-AL01

• Long-lasting continuous light (EVOLTA: 70 hours)
• High 5 lx illuminance, light flux 18 lm
• Weighs just 140 grams (batteries included)

• Weatherproof (lanyard not included)
• Size (Approx.): ø 46 mm x H 95 mm

LED Any-Battery Lantern BF-BM10 LED Any-Battery Lantern BF-BM10

• Use with any cell (dry-cell or Ni-MH) of any size (D/C/AA/AAA)*1
• Use with any number of batteries (one cell to four cells)
• Up to 3 days (86 hours*2) illumination or more
• Multi-purpose (lantern or flashlight) with rotating on/off switching lens cover to disperse or focus light
• Compact and weatherproof, easy-grip handle
• Size (Approx.): W 135 mm x H 125 mm x D 80 mm

*1 Excluding 9 V.
*2 With four cells used individually in sequence until depletion.

One-2 LED Lantern BF-AL05
LED Any-Battery Lantern Mini BF-BM01 LED Any-Battery Lantern Mini BF-BM01

• Size (Approx.): W 105 mm x H 85 mm x D 48 mm

LED Emergency Light BF-BE01 LED Emergency Light BF-BE01

• Size (Approx.): ø 35 mm × H 195 mm

Standard LED Torch Light BF-BG01 Standard LED Torch Light BF-BG01

• Size (Approx.): ø 42 mm × H 205 mm

LED Mighty Light BF-BS01 LED Mighty Light BF-BS01

• Size (Approx.): W 105 mm x H 85 mm x D 48 mm

LED Flashlight BF-BG20 LED Flashlight BF-BG20

• Size (Approx.): ø 55 mm × H 140 mm

Personal Lights Personal Lights

LED Neck Light LED Neck Light

A convenient LED light for walks, fishing, and camping. LED provides high brightness while using a fraction of the power.

• Easy hands-free design ideal for walking, jogging, etc.
• Comfortable 40-gram weight puts no strain on your neck
• Illuminates a wide area for safety
• Size (Approx.): W 30 mm x H 50 mm x D 26 mm
• Strap diameter: 215 mm

LED Neck Light
LED Clip Light BF-AF20BT LED Clip Light BF-AF20BT

• Gimbal rotates light (360 ° horizontal, 110 ° vertical)
• Light 19-gram weight ideal for clipping to garments, etc.
• Spray- and drip-proof for use in light rain
• High and low modes for 15-hour continuous illumination (low mode)
• Size (Approx.): W 34 mm x H 50 mm x D 35 mm

LED Key Light LED Key Light

Perfect for finding door locks or searching inside bags at night. One push lights up the immediate area. Compact and lightweight, it’s great insurance against the unexpected.

• 15-hour battery life (Approx. 10-year lifespan with 15 seconds of use per day)
• Easy-to-use On/Off switch
• Size (Approx.): W 30 mm x H 50 mm x D 26 mm

LED Key Light

Specialized Lights Specialized Lights

Waterproof Safety LED Light BF-SG50BT Waterproof Safety LED Light BF-SG50BT

This LED light is ideal for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, and fishing, with waterproofing guaranteed to IP54 standards for protection in heavy rain.

• 175-hour battery life
• 30 lm illuminance
• Water resistant to 10 m
• Clamshell package
• Size (Approx.): W 48 mm x H 165 mm x D 48 mm

LED Bike Light LED Bike Light

Rain- and spray-proof to IP42 and with an adjustable-focus beam for added safety, this bicycle light has features that cyclists demand.

• 9-hour battery life
• 80 lm illuminance
• Size (Approx.): W 38 mm x H 38 mm x D 106 mm

Bicycle LED Flashlight with Holder