A Magical Story Inside Every Battery

Behind the magic moments in every day, Panasonic’s exclusive battery technologies are working to turn ordinary to extraordinary.
With decades of innovation guided by committed craftsmanship of the highest standards,
Panasonic batteries have power to bring magic alive in the stories of your life.

Meet Our Master Craftsmen

For almost a century, our Takumi master craftsmen have dedicated their careers to taking Panasonic battery performance beyond the conventional while leading our next generation of promising talent. This knowledge lives inside every battery we make, like magic flowing out in good times and happy smiles. Come and meet some of our Takumi masters in the profile videos below.

Visit Battery School and Get More Value

Learning some battery basics (such as how they work, what type to use in which device, and how to care for them) will save you more than money. A few tips will also keep your devices safe by preventing damage from accidental misuse. So, to keep the Panasonic battery magic flowing, visit the Battery Academy below!