November 14, 2015 marked 10 years of eneloop!

Ten Years of Sustainable Energy

Instead of using a battery once and throwing it away, eneloop lets you refresh your devices over and over... for the next 10, 20, even 100 years. Thanks to you, eneloop—the product that embodies Panasonic’s desire to provide a beautiful world for tomorrow’s children—was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary on November 14, 2015.

To mark the occasion, we launched a soft toy gift campaign and staged an event with giveaways and illuminated logo installation. In passing this milestone, we look forward with optimism and determination to achieving our goal of a clean energy loop.

Soft Toy Gift Campaign

Imagination is at the core of the eneloop story. That’s why, on our 10th anniversary, we asked young people to share something from their own imaginations and let us make it a reality.

During 2015, we picked 10 illustrations every month to eventually transform into soft toys for their delighted owners—and on the way, we collected a gallery of fantastic drawings for the whole world to enjoy.

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration

We’d like to thank people all over the world for helping us to celebrate 10 years on November 14, 2015. Although it was our birthday, passersby in Berlin got the presents as we handed out sample bags containing eneloop goodies. As night fell, we lit up our illuminated logo installation outside BIKINI Berlin, while wellwishers helped to share eneloop’s eco-friendly message. Check out these videos to see more on eneloop birthday events in Berlin and other parts of the world.

History of eneloop
Since 2005, eneloop has been trusted in more than 80 countries with 400 million cells shipped as of November 2016.

eneloop Product Lineup
Whether you need cost-effective batteries for everyday use or high-performance cells for power-hungry devices, we have a rechargeable product to suit.

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Efficient, environmentally friendly eneloop is easy to find and buy through a variety of sales channels.