Global Design Awards

Since the first-generation products were released in 2005, eneloop, its unique environmentally friendly packaging, and associated eneloop family products have continued to be recognized with some of the world’s most prestigious design accolades, including numerous iF Design Awards from Germany. So don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself why eneloop is the world’s most innovative rechargeable cell.

Global Design Awards


eneloop series storage packaging for
EC (e-Commerce)

The marketplace has changed significantly since the release of eneloop in 2005 with e-commerce rapidly overtaking main-street sales. This shift has influenced how eneloop is marketed with conventional point-of-sale messaging stripped back to reveal the minimalistic beauty of its packaging. Made from eco-friendly PET sourced from recycled bottles, the package doubles as a storage case to protect the batteries when not in use. The design evolves again to enhance portability while retaining the same environmentally friendly recycled polyester as a base material. This refreshed packaging puts form, function, and aesthetics together to best protect the customers’ investment while minimizing the impact of waste on the environment.

eneloop tones earth

eneloop tones earth was a two-year branding project that ran from 2018 to 2019 under the theme CYCLE OF LIFE: life cycle and reincarnation. The battery label design is based on a soil-and-earth motif that describes how fallen leaves return to the soil as compost to nurture new life again. The design raises awareness about the issues facing our environment and the importance of life. Once opened, the reusable packaging works as a portable battery storage case. In line with the “earth” theme, the package material comprises biodegradable resin that breaks down naturally after disposal: a unique fusion of functionality and sustainability. Furthermore, the eneloop batteries inside the pack are pre-charged with solar energy at the factory.


eneloop tones botanic

In tandem with the eneloop tones earth project themed CYCLE OF LIFE: life cycle and reincarnation, eneloop tones botanic features a plant motif that follows the life of plants from seedling to defoliation. As with the biodegradable resin used for the eneloop tones earth package, the eneloop tones botanic package comprises biodegradable biomass PET sourced from all-natural materials. The portable case is designed to protect the eneloop batteries when not in use, and to further the message of the importance of life and the environment, they come pre-charged with solar energy and are ready to use immediately after purchase.

BQ-CC63 8-slot smart charger

BQ-CC63 is an 8-slot AA/AAA eneloop charger that features charge control technology for multiple or individual batteries. This product is intended not just for personal and household use, but also for any place or situation where multiple batteries are required, such as offices, schools, museums, and security companies, as well as for media or staging production. The BQ-CC63 is gentle on batteries with smart charge supporting charge control for individual batteries. The product furthers Panasonic’s goal of a clean energy society by encouraging a consumption shift from disposable to reusable sources by quickly refreshing batches of eneloop Ni-MH batteries so that depleted cells can be conveniently swapped for charged ones.

BQ-CC65 smart charger with LCD

The BQ-CC65 is our flagship multifunction charger aimed at heavy users of eneloop and eneloop pro, such as professional photographers, hobbyists operating power-hungry devices, or anybody demanding high performance from their batteries. It features an LCD detailing the condition of installed eneloop AA or AAA batteries, including health diagnostics, battery capacity, voltage, and temperature checks; charging progress indicators: and alerts ahead of end-of-life. It has a discharge mode to reset tired batteries, and individual charge control, which selects an appropriate charging mode for each battery according to its condition. The device supports rapid 1.5-hour charging for two AA batteries and includes a USB outlet to support external device recharging via aftermarket USB Type A cable and supplied AC mains power cable.

2017 iF Design Award

eneloop tones ocean wins
iF Product Design Award 2017

Product Design Category

Judges at iF Design Awards 2017 recognized the superiority of eneloop rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and how these unique products have led a shift toward sustainable energy. Each cell can be reused 2,100 times with around 70 % energy retained after 10 years in storage. The tones ocean package design reflects a “sea glass” concept, with colors reminiscent of waves washing on a beach. This represents a need to preserve the world’s natural beauty by minimizing waste and exploiting sources of renewable energy. Differing shades serve a practical purpose by allowing users to identify charged and non-charged batteries, and each cell ships pre-charged with solar power.


eneloop wins Long Life Design Award 2016

“A product that deals with issues facing this generation, and one that exemplifies long-life design for the future.” That was the judges’ assessment at the 2016 Good Design Awards as eneloop received Long Life Design 2016, an accolade recognizing products that contribute to a better world by lasting longer, reducing waste, and creating value. Noting how eneloop is improving people’s lifestyles to the mutual benefit of the environment with expansion into 80 countries and more than 370 million cells shipped, the judges said eneloop’s low-self-discharge and reusability deliver economy and efficiency while reducing waste associated with disposable batteries. This is the eleventh Good Design Award eneloop has received since launching in 2005.


2016 iF Design Award

eneloop tones organic wins
iF Product Design Award 2016

Cell design

This Ni-MH battery is rechargeable up to 2,100 times and is a cost-effective alternative to disposable batteries. The “organic” range reinforces eneloop’s mission to promote eco-sustainability with long-lasting product life and reusability, and is available in four colors: brown (soil and water), orange (flowers), white (plaster), and green (fresh verdure)—all hues that recall gardens and horticulture. The colors also serve a practical purpose, helping users to distinguish between charged and non-charged cells. Naturally, all batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and are ready to use after purchase.

Cell design

eneloop tones organic wins
iF Package Design Award 2016

Packaging design

Ecological sustainability is carried through to the recycled PET packaging for easy recycling after disposal. The packaging also doubles as a battery carry-case, allowing users to protect their investment while minimizing wastage. Both reusability and recyclability helped eneloop tones organic to victory in the packaging category.

Packaging design


eneloop solar storage wins Good Design Award 2015

Hailed as a “groundbreaking global concept” with “simple, no frills design”, the eneloop solar storage system was recognized with a Good Design Award for its ability to generate, store, and utilize clean energy. The product includes a solar panel and two LED lamps so people living in areas without electricity can safely illuminate their homes. The product is also ideal for general outdoor use.

eneloop solar storage

iF Awards Rank Panasonic 5th in the World

Panasonic Design presents a variety of products for evaluation in the iF Awards every year. Consistently high performance in these awards—which are proof to consumers of high product quality—has Panasonic ranked as the fifth best-performing design company in the world. This recognition further cements consumer confidence in our brand while inspiring ever-greater levels of innovation.

iF Awards Rank Panasonic 5th in the World

Accolades for eneloop

iF Products Design Award

iF Design Award

2017: eneloop tones ocean
2016: eneloop tones organic (Product/Packaging)
2015: eneloop tones tropical (Product/Packaging)
2013: eneloop tones chocolat / eneloop tones uomo
2012: eneloop tones glitter
2012: eneloop pro / eneloop plus
2011: eneloop tones
2008: eneloop AA/AAA

: eneloop portable solar (Gold Award) / eneloop bike
2011: eneloop stick booster
2010: eneloop lamp
2009: eneloop solar light (Gold Award)
2009: eneloop kairo
2009: eneloop universal charger
2008: eneloop solar charger

Australian International Design Award

Australian International Design Awards

2009: eneloop (Gold Award)

DFA : ASIA Design Award

DFA : ASIA Design Award

2010: eneloop universe products (Grand Prize)
[eneloop tones / eneloop lamp / eneloop lantern / eneloop bike]

Good Design Award (Japan)

Good Design Award (Japan)

: eneloop tones earth / eneloop storage package for EC
2018: eneloop tones botanic
2016: eneloop (Long Life Design Award)
2012: eneloop tones chocolat
2011: eneloop pro / eneloop plus / eneloop tones glitter
2010: eneloop lite / eneloop tones
2008: eneloop C/D
2006: eneloop AA/AAA (Gold Award)

: BQ-CC63 8-slot smart charger /
BQ-CC65 smart charger with LCD
2017: BQ-CC55/BQ-CC57 quick & smart chargers
2015: eneloop solar storage (BEST100)
2010: eneloop stick booster / eneloop neck warmer
2009: eneloop lantern / eneloop soft warmer / eneloop bike
2008: eneloop solar light / eneloop soft warmer / eneloop kairo / eneloop universal charger / eneloop air fresher
2007: eneloop universe products (Grand Award)
[eneloop solar charger / eneloop kairo / eneloop mobile booster / eneloop anka]

Japan Packge Design Award

Japan Package Design Award

2019: eneloop tones organic / eneloop tones botanic (Bronze Award)
2007: eneloop (Gold Award)