What’s EVOLTA?

What’s EVOLTA?

EVOLTA is Panasonic’s flagship alkaline battery. With a high-density core, Extra Power Formula, Anti-Leak Protection, and Triple Tough Coating, it simply outlasts other brands over the longest timeframes.

Performance comparison

Digital Cameras
LED Lights
FM/AM 2-band Receivers

Three aspects of EVOLTA evolution

High-reactivity materials

High-reactivity materials

Newer and more effective reactive materials are used in EVOLTA batteries to generate consistently high power over a longer lifespan. These materials include a high-purity manganese dioxide and a titanium additive.

Ultra-high-density filling

Ultra-high-density filling technology

If the density of the filling materials inside a battery is inconsistent, performance can suffer. The development of new materials has led to uniform, homogenized filling density in EVOLTA batteries for superior performance.

Thinner gasket for more capacity

Thinner gasket for higher capacity

An improved structural design has reduced the bulk of the gasket and can, providing greater internal volume for active chemical ingredients— which means longer life and improved discharge performance.

Alkaline Batteries Alkaline Batteries

For versatile, safe, long-lasting power

Use Panasonic Alkaline in almost any appliance, from low-drain remote controllers to high-energy camera strobes and radio-controlled cars. Panasonic Alkaline delivers the ideal blend of power, stamina, and value.

Technologies for a better-performing battery

Longer storage capability

Longer storage capability

Whenever the need arises, you can depend on Panasonic Alkaline to work even after long months in the cupboard or kitchen drawer. High-quality materials prevent degradation and ensure long-life stability.

High current that lasts longer

High current that lasts longer

In almost any situation and in almost any appliance that demands a high current, Panasonic Alkaline performs longer than the competition. It’s this versatility and performance that makes them a favorite over the world.

Safe for the whole family

Safe for the whole family

Forgotten batteries in less-frequently-used products can result in a leaky and sometimes hazardous mess. Alkaline batteries feature comprehensive leak-prevention with a stronger internal structure to make them safe for everyone.

Manganese Batteries Manganese Batteries

Panasonic Manganese for longer endurance in low-current applications

Panasonic’s manganese batteries are an economical and long-lasting energy solution for low-drain devices in intermittent use, such as remote controllers.

No specified toxic chemicals

Panasonic manganese batteries do no contain lead, cadmium, or mercury—specified toxic substances that are still in use in some conventional manganese battery designs. Safe to use in children’s toys, our manganese family is also a better choice for environmental sustainability.

Safe, Lead-free Material

Performance you can trust

Longer-lasting life

Longer-lasting life

Manganese batteries are best suited to low-current applications, where they keep working long after the competition products have died. Combined with an extended shelf life, our manganese series deliver performance when you need it.

Leak resistant for safety

Leak resistant for safety

Appliances that see intermittent use are prime candidates for leaking batteries. Both internally and externally, structural strength has been increased to protect against impact damage, while a special sealant is applied in two places on the positive terminal to add extra protection.

High performance in harsh climates

High performance in harsh climates

Most batteries suffer a sharp performance drop-off when confronted with extreme temperatures. Our batteries are designed to operate dependably in harsh climates, making them ideal for use in most regions of the world.

Availability of Battery Types Availability of Battery Types

How to read the table

Specialist Energy Solutions Specialist Energy Solutions

From wearable devices to calculators to cameras and hearing aids, Panasonic's family of specialist battery cells is trusted for quality and value.

Lithium Coin Lithium Coin

Panasonic lithium coin batteries provide long-lasting power in a variety of devices, from keyless-entry fobs to toys.

Photo Lithium Photo Lithium

Combines lightweight materials with lithium technology to create a long-lasting energy source for cameras and other devices.

Micro Alkaline Micro Alkaline

With a great price-to-performance ratio, Panasonic Micro Alkaline has more staying power than competitive brands.

Zinc Air Zinc Air

Offering more capacity than previous models, Zinc Air batteries are designed for use in next-generation hearing aids.

Silver Oxide Silver Oxide

Highly stable voltage performance makes Silver Oxide the smart choice for precision devices such as calculators, watches, and cameras.

Cordless Phone Batteries Cordless Phone Batteries

Panasonic offers a comprehensive range of dependable Ni-MH batteries to suit a big variety cordless telephone brands.

Panasonic Battery History
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Zero-CO2 Factory
Panasonic Belgium N.V factory achieves carbon-neutral status but looks to further improvements in production in its conquest for energy efficiency.

Battery Education
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