Introducing Panasonic Primary

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Primary batteries provide the everyday energy we need for a comfortable lifestyle. While there are many brands to choose from, only Panasonic delivers the endurance, safety, and value you demand. Almost 100 years of experience in development and manufacturing stands behind every cell we make, from our EVOLTA, Alkaline, and Manganese lines to our specialized battery family. That’s why Panasonic is trusted worldwide to Power Your Day.

Choosing the Right Battery Choosing the Right Battery

What’s the difference between alkaline and manganese batteries?


Suitable for devices that use high continuous current

Alkaline batteries produce higher current than manganese. This is because the electrolyte consists of potassium hydroxide, an alkaline-aqueous solution that enables a high flow of current.

Alkaline batteries
For Current-hungry Devices


For devices requiring a small current load, such as remote controllers

Dry batteries consist of three materials: metal, metal oxide, and electrolyte. Manganese dioxide is used for the positive electrode, zinc chloride for the electrolyte, and zinc for the negative electrode.

Manganese batteries
For Low-draw Devices

Panasonic Battery History
Explore some of the revolutionary products and events that have shaped our history since 1923.

Zero-CO2 Factory
Panasonic Belgium N.V factory achieves carbon-neutral status but looks to further improvements in production in its conquest for energy efficiency.

Battery Education
Go to battery school and learn how choose, use, and take care of your cells for longer life and best performance.