Gentle Japanese-style Facial Cleansing Designed for Smoother, Brighter Skin

  • • Washable
  • • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • • Cordless
  • • Multi Voltage (AC100-240V)

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Gentle and Deep Cleansing with Micro Foam

Daily gentle and thorough cleansing to remove dirt, excess oil and make-up.

Creates Luxurious Micro-foam for Deep, Gentle Pore Cleansing*

With some cleansing foam and water, micro foam is auto-generated in approx. 5 seconds.

Made by hand

Regular foam

The Cleansing Brush

Ultra-fine micro-foam

* The degree of foaming may vary based on type of cleanser used.

18x Better Performance than Hand Wash*

* Warming make-up removal and brush cleansing compared to manual cleansing with the same cleanser.

Makeup Removal with Warming Plate

Loosen and remove makeup with warm heat and cleansing cream/oil.

Deep Cleanse for Oily Area

Target T-zone treatment areas with Pore Focus Brush attachment.

(2 times per week after brush cleansing)

Bundled Accessories

  • Soft brush

  • Pore focus brush

  • Stand

  • Measuring cup

A Variety of Brush Attachments

( Sold Separately )

  • Soft brush (EH-2S01)

    For normal to sensitive skin /
    Gentle cleansing

  • Pore focus brush (EH-2S02)

    For oily and pored skin /
    Pore-targeted cleansing

  • Normal brush (EH-2S03)

    For normal to oily skin /
    Firm cleansing

  • Exfoliating brush (EH-2S04)

    For all skin types /
    Soft facial exfoliation