Changing Photography

LUMIX G has long wanted to redefine the high-quality system camera away from
the existing mechanical structures that are large, heavy and complex.
Our vision has been to create an all-round system for professional and amateur alike,
a stills and video camera that can be admired for superb results while also being a joy to use.
This ideal has been our concept and goal from the start.
To bring the seemingly impossible to reality we have adopted a mirrorless system together
with MFT format and combined them with our proprietary optical / digital technology.
Such advances and numerous other innovations are helping to evolve an exciting new culture of photography.
This will continue, just as we aim to surpass your expectations for LUMIX G “Changing Photography”.

Small on System,
Big on Creativity

Extraordinary in Size

The overall reductions in system size and weight across body and lens almost defy common sense achieved, furthermore, without compromising image quality and performance. This extra agility will bring more opportunities into frame and far more creative options.

Stunning Beauty
From Every Scene

Superb Image Quality

Whether taking stills or video you capture superior quality, high-resolution images with smooth gradation and rich color tones. Innovative functionality ensures stunning image expression even under challenging shoot conditions.

Chase the Subject,
Capture the Moment

More Mobility, More Results

More wide covering, high-speed AF tracking of fast-moving subjects, together with continuous high-speed shooting, ensures you never miss the very best moments. With such technologies, LUMIX G dramatically increases the certainty of securing the best shot possible from every unpredictable scene.