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Nature and Human Lives Seek Equilibrium in Galapagos

I've always been interested in nature and environmentalism. So the Galapagos was an obvious choice for my project because of its unique environment and such an array of species. Located below the equator on the Pacific Ocean, about 900 kilometers from the mainland of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands have long been a haven for wildlife and flourishing environmental diversity. In recent times the islands have seen a large increase in tourism, and the local population have become modernized in industry and daily life. The result has had an impact on the fragile islands as urban development and increased footfall have threatened some species.

I visited the islands to document the beauty and diversity of the animal species that currently inhabit them. The first thing that surprised me was how close I could get to almost all of the wildlife on the islands and how I needed to watch my step at almost every turn to avoid stepping on a marine iguana, sea lion, etc.

About Chris J Ratcliffe

About Chris J Ratcliffe

Chris J Ratcliffeis a professional photojournalist regularly commissioned by Getty Images to capture events and stories on current affairs and social issues. Working across a varied medium, Chris uses his photography to tell stories of worldwide and cultural significance as well as highlighting important social and environmental issues.

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