MARCH 2019

World Heritage calendar March image: The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries – Wolong, Mt. Siguniang, Jiajin Mountains (China)

Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries - Wolong, Mt Siguniang and Jiajin Mountains


Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries is home to more than 30% of the world's highly endangered panda population. Spanning 924,500 hectares with seven nature reserves and nine scenic parks in the Qionglai and Jiajin Mountains, the sanctuaries are the largest contiguous habitat of the giant panda, and also home to other globally endangered animals such as the red panda, the snow leopard and clouded leopard. They are among the botanically richest sites of any region in the world outside the tropical rainforests, with between 5,000 and 6,000 species of flora in over 1,000 genera.